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Since I bought my iPhone on June 30, I’ve been look­ing for an easy, high-quality method for view­ing the MTA Sub­way map. What I wanted, was the abil­ity to view a PDF, or large PNG of the sys­tem map – and to be able to zoom in and drag it around eas­ily. File­mark MakerFile­marks let you store high res images, text files, and PDFs on an iPhone! File­mark Maker gets around the lim­i­ta­tions out­lined above, by writ­ing files to a temp loca­tion on the device’s HD, by using Safari book­marklets.
The MTA's got a new interactive map, though it's so basic you can't believe they didn't have it already. And now the good: Subway riders along the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 lines and those using the 42nd St.
My guess is that the app wasn’t done with the native Objective C, and more some wrapper for HTML5. Since I use the routes with countdown clocks for probably 95% of my trips,, but I’ve never asked myself when the next train is going to come when sitting at home or work. I was at a party in Downtown Brooklyn until late and waited 20 minutes for the 4 train at 2am a couple weekends ago. At least amongst the vacuous-but-prosperous suburban transplant class, the iPhone is a status symbol.
True, though the Galaxy S family alone may have greater market proliferation than the iPhone family.
True, a lot more New Yorkers prefer Apple over Android, even though the former is a status symbol. With that in mind, I believe that’s why the MTA chose the former platform to test its new app.
I thought the MTA wired the entire A division with countdown clocks, so shouldn’t the 7 be listed too? Real-time arrivals for some NYC subway lines now accessible on iPhone - The NYC Info News 24-hours in New York City, delivering breaking news and features about the five boroughs.
Made of die vomit up metal it comes with a tabloid of stickers thusly you can change the route. We have Daron MTA Diecast subway system Car away Daron and millions of other toys and games Item model add up RT8555 Manufacturer recommended geezerhood quadruplet fifteen old age Munipals NYC subway.
We found a curious thing on the New York Transit Museum Facebook page yesterday, a subway sign for an 11 train!

The 8 has been active in the past, most recently on the Bronx section of the Third Avenue El which was stopped in 1973. Next, read about NYC’s double letter subway trains and discover the Top 12 Secrets of the NYC subway.
The phone’s built-in Photo appli­ca­tion “opti­mizes” all pho­tos and images down to a dimen­sion and res­o­lu­tion that doesn’t work well for images with lots of small text and details.
I wrote about the app earlier this morning, and now that it’s available publicly, we can assess the good, the bad and the ugly of it. First, a foray into the details: The app is currently available online for iOS devices via the iTunes App Store. Subway Time can handle 5000 requests per second as the data is hosted on a cloud-based system managed by Acquia.
With only seven subway lines represented in this app, that still leaves 15 without real-time tracking data, and that data isn’t coming any time soon.
For instance, a few minutes ago, I could see that trains along the Eastern Parkway IRT local were bunching badly. I’d much rather have spent 20 more minutes indoors, or if I were in a hurry to go I might have walked to another train. I understand starting with the more heavily used numbered lines (and the fact the they are the only ones with the technology installed).
I was wondering if the former was going to be installed with the impending CBTC installation and all. Further digging showed that there are signs on the trains that are available just in case, but aren’t actual lines anymore. The L train info will be added within the next 6-12 months, and the 7 will follow in a few years. To install Automatic Train Supervision along the A Division took the MTA over 10 years, a few false starts, and $228 million. GPS-based data for outdoor sections may be available in the future, but for the foreseeable future, we’re left with only the A Division. There were long gaps with no trains, and then a 2 and 3 would follow each other in quick succession. This has the worst fit and finish of any official app of any major corporation or government entity I’ve ever seen. Knowing that the headways are 10 minutes rather than three won’t change my behavior or travel routes.

When will developers clue into the fact that most smart-phone users don’t have iPhones? However, these lines are so heavily used that trains run so frequently, if you miss one train the next is only two minutes away.
This did work for me, but I found the MTA’s PDF map slug­gish when zoom­ing or drag­ging around. There is no Android version, but the MTA hopes developers will take the feed and build out their own apps.
We’ll now know when to get to the station and how long the wait will be ahead of time.
Thus, not all train arrival information fits onto the screen without requiring an unnecessary scroll. You speak of native momentum scrolling – you get this for free when using standard APIs. Surely the number of customers who could potentially benefit should dictate which platform gets the application first, or at least lead to both platforms receiving the application at the initial launch date. This would be much more beneficial for lines like the G and R because if you miss one of those it can easily be a 10 minute wait for the next. Nowadays officials from the Metropolitan transferral self-assurance MTA linked executives from Lionel. And, I had to drill back through the Mail menus to get to my Yahoo mail account, (as I’m pri­mar­ily a Gmail user). US 10.99 Observe smashing deals on eBay for Model Trains type O Scale Subway in MTH O scale of measurement manikin newly iv gas constant 17 tube MTA Redbird on vapid TTX flavourless Car mta subway model train.
Wooden Subway Trains You don’t want to induce caught in traffic pay too much or cause yourself whatsoever othe. This lens of the eye shares some tips for anyone preparation a visit to the regal and amazing fresh Yankee-Doodle Stadium indium the Bronx.

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