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This is a train power 5 transformer Controller featuring walkaround controller.This transformer has been serviced and reconditioned by our repair shop. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. There are separate ones for G scale, and some multi-scale packs catering to both HO and larger scales. Smaller motors are likely to have less tolerance for high currents, and high voltage leads to high currents under load.
So implicitly, there’s a maximum voltage at which to operate such a motor, beyond which the stall current will exceed the rating for the motor, and overheating will result.
The remainder of this post is a review of the MRC Tech 7 power pack, but I’m comparing it to my Kato on the aspects that matter to me. One of the attractions of the MRC pack is that it’s designed to improve slow-speed running characteristics.

That 501 still works today, although one of the switches has finally started having problems. But it survived 40 years of damp basements, being thrown in boxes for moves, and running a large variety of trains. I’d followed it with another MRC, a Control Master II, when I got back into model railroading and needed a second power pack (back around 1992).
Everything’s firmly fixed in place, and hot-melt glue was used in a few places to reinforce things. There’s one circuit board, and everything mounts to it except the transformer, master power switch, and output terminals (which have a small board of their own). And there’s a power transistor driving the output, with a potentiometer to control it.
The zener, working normally, allows the reverse current to flow for half of the wave, which is likely good for the circuit.

But on the positive side of the wave, the AC component is added to the DC from the potentiometer.
The AC will be relatively large when the throttle is low (small voltage coming from the potentiometer), and relatively small as it nears full throttle. But because there’s a model train connected, and current continues to flow in the motor, this tends to hold the voltage up slightly.
It would thus appear to be possible to blow the transistor in some kinds of common-rail failures, if the other pack doesn’t shut down quickly enough. The build quality was very high, but the circuitry, while clever, was more simplistic than I expected.

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