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This decoder is designed for mounting where space permits, and includes an 8-pin NMRA connector, a 9-pin JST connector, plus a 20mm plug-in round speaker with baffle, and it's designed and tested to operate with any NMRA compatible DCC System and MRC's exclusive line of Tech 6 DC Powerpacks with DCC capabilities. MRC Symphony 77 is a steam and diesel locomotive sound system for any model railroad layout. The MRC AA555 Symphony Sound System would come in very handy for me because I miss having one of these around. MRC Sound Station 312 Review   MRC Sound Station 312 By Michael Benolkin Background The concept of having scale sounds on train layouts is not new. Features two bells and two whistles, along with two chuff types for articulated and non-articulated steam locomotives.
It is specially designed to fit into the many tight configurations prevalent in HO scale steam locomotives.
Equipped with adjustable back EMF, this new decoder provides fine tuning of the motor PID output frequency to ensure silent running and flexible torque output to give the locomotive better pulling power and finer speed control on grades. Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you. This would be great to have one again so I can get all of the sounds I need for my model railroad. The receiver provides sounds and also controls the locomotive while using a standard DC pack.

Included are 10 sounds that can broadcast from either the moving train or fixed speakers: warning horn blasts, familiar diesel horn, traveling steam whistle, station bound whistle, clanging bell, clacking of rails, crossing gate bell, conductor voice, steam air hissing, and circus calliope. Now the City & Country Sound Station brings an addtitional18 digitally reproduced background sounds to deliver real life to your layout.
Over the years, folks have been using everything from pre-recorded tapes to programmable replay devices to achieve that next level of scale realism. Wheel arrangements not withstanding, steam locomotives fall into three types; light, medium and heavy. If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange).
Also, two synchronized sounds that broadcast through moving train: steam chuff and diesel engine rumble! In the digital age, more products entered the marketplace to satisfy the need for scale sound, including one offering from MRC.
Must not forget the kind and helpful service which is something I always receive from Modeltrainstuff. These new generations of sound systems would transmit sounds electronically through the rails to decoder modules in an engine or car to further animate the layout.
Light locomotives use a single phase air compressor, medium and heavy locomotives use a cross-compound air compressor.

With these new generations of products come some hefty prices and knowledge of electronics to make these effects come to life. The MRC Sound Station 312 MRC has introduced a new product that offers scale sounds to the average railroad modeler. This system offers more sounds that anything MRC has ever offered before, yet the size of the system is a mere fraction of any other system on the market!
Everything fits inside of a package the size of an average television remote, with the only external connections going to power and to each of the two supplied speakers.
The speakers can be concealed under the layout, leaving only the controller sitting next to your power controller.
The system provides 18 different sounds: Diesel Horn 1 Long Diesel Horn 1 Short Diesel Horn 1 Combination Diesel Horn 2 Long Diesel Horn 2 Short Diesel Horn 2 Combination Whistle 1 Long Whistle 1 Short Whistle 2 Combination Conductor ('All aboard!') Brake Sound Steam Release Coupling Sound Engine Bell Crossing Gate Bell Rail Clack Sound Steam Chuff Diesel Engine Sound Conclusions While this system may be too simple for the highly advanced model railroader, like MRC's Command 2000 DCC system, the Sound Station 312 is targeted for the entry-level and part-time model railroader. With an MSRP of $69.98, this system is as easy on your wallet as it is on your engineering skills.

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