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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14.
The #MTL-995 13 000 (#500-195) is recomended by Micro-Trains® to operate all your Z scale locos. Externally modified by Micro-Trains to operate all of your Z scale American Z Line, Micro-Trains Line, Rokuhan and Marklin Locos at the correct voltage. Automatic Circuit Protector - automatically disconnects power to the track to protect your equipment if overload occurs.
Power, slow speed control and moderate pricing make this a perfect first step- up train control. Accutec Technology™ provides smoother performance and helps maintain the extra power when climbing grades or running over poor track conditions. Proportional Tracking Control - an innovative system of control that yields the most responsive, realistic model train operation.
More Powerful - than others in its class with power to pull heavy loads and operate accessories. Pressure Sensitive Braking - puts you in command of accurate steady deceleration, providing gradual, slow speed braking from any speed.

Indicator Lights - for momentum, power output, and overload conditions keeping you informed of your layout status. The pictures above, and throughout this website, are the property of Zscale Monster Trains.
For expedited shipping, we do take note of which shipping option is selected but if the order is urgent please contact us to verify when delivery is expected.
PTR-200 is a family of manual to fully automated fiber recoaters and proof testers for high-volume optical fiber processing.
PTR-200 recoaters restore the protective UV-cured acrylate or polyimide coating to a stripped fiber.
The Universal Voltage Reducer lowers the top voltage output of the unit by approximately 4 volts.
For example, one of its key features is momentum control, sometimes referred to as flywheel action. Together our PTR-200 recoaters and proof testers ensure that stripped or fusion spliced fibers retain their original diameter, flexibility and long-term strength. The result is a recoated fiber section that is as smooth and flexible as the original fiber.

It works for any gauge and is especially useful with N Scale applications where top speeds are too fast.
This dual unit not only has a total output of 20VA, but features that include revolutionary slow speed circuitry and Accutec Technology™.
PTR-200 is the most comprehensive and effective line of recoaters and proof testers on the market today. In a proof-test mode (linear), PTR-200 proof testers apply a set load at a controlled rate to an optical fiber or fusion splice to assess the long-term reliability of the fiber. In a tension test mode (rotary), the load is taken up to the breaking strength of the fiber. To accommodate a wide range of applications, we offer three types of PTR-200 recoaters (manual, extended-length manual or automatic) and two types of proof testers (rotary or linear).

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