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Woodland Scenics is committed to a business practice, which supports the economy of our local community. We manufacture the vast majority of our products at our Linn Creek, Missouri manufacturing plant, which also houses our product development, package and creative design, marketing, sales and customer service operations. Many of the products or parts of the products we manufacture overseas, come back home for packaging and shipping by Woodland Scenics employees.
When you purchase Woodland Scenics Quality Brands, you support American manufacturing working in balance with a global economy to support American jobs.
Woodland Scenics Quality Brands is committed to manufacturing superior quality, safety-tested products.
Use the Mod-U-Rail System to easily design, build and landscape a lightweight layout customized to your specific space requirements. Simply construct modules for the layout base with the patented SubTerrain Lightweight Layout SystemA®.
Woodland Scenics leads the world in providing the highest quality, most realistic model scenery for all of your modeling projects! However, I would suggest that anyone who wants to try the system buy one straight module and try putting it together first. The large amount of individual elements necessary to fabricate just a single small module is going to make it very slow going. Other shortcomings that I suspect are that the system is not well adapted to creating return loops in HO, something that would never be a concern if you are fabricating the benchwork yourself.

If you should decide to buy the Mod-U-Rail modules at least make your first purchase a avariable speed battery powered drill of at least a 14V size or one of the more powereful battery powered screwdrivers because a manual screwdrtiver is probly the quickest way to not enyjoying this hobby. Pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-drilled wooden module stands form fit to your layout modules. See what’s going on within our online store, in our bricks n mortar site in Liverpool, UK and order fulfilment centre in Widnes, Cheshire.
All of our modeling materials are evaluated by a Board Certified Toxicologist to ensure they meet the standards for art materials set out by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International, if applicable. Using the Interactive Design Module , design your layout with an endless number of configuration possibilities , track planning patterns and techniques.
Landscape your layout and bring it to life with a variety of pigments, turfs, foliages, talus, ballast, rocks and more! I don't know how expensive the Mod-U-Rail system is, but surely it must be cheaper to buy the materials and build it yourself. The skills I picked up (from MR articles) when I was a teen have served me well for years, and not just in building model railroads, either.
From that, I aqm thinking this stuff is like buying kitset furniture and going at it with a screwdriver tp produce some thing useable in your home. However, as always, to each his own and as long as you enjoy what ever experience you choose then that's just fine. They are inexpensive and serve the purpose of sturdy benchwork for those without the talent or tools to make their own.

Likewise, the continuity of terrain and backdrop (particularly matching colors if done piece by piece over time) when done only in 3-foot sections, could result in a very disjointed looking affair.
Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply, but we are generally faster, particularly during business hours. The Beer Line article is pretty easy to follow and you don't need a shop full of power tools to build it, either. It is a nice feeling though getting everything in one box.I do believe there are other alternatives for a layout like the others have said.
You may be able to get wood cheaper but you're likely to need someone to help you hold it while cutting it to size.
All one needs is a screw driver (it would be better if you have an electric one) to put the stands together and foam knife with extra blades and some sort of heat cutter to deal with the sheets of Woodland Scenics styrofoam for every thing else. Also, consider the number of obvious breaks in the scenery resulting from use of numerous small modules, as compared with solid 8-foot runs using standard foam panels.
That's a long time not to be running any trains more than just a few feet back and forth. These breaks may be narrow but with so many modules, there is a significant potential for flexture resulting from the wood changing dimension with the seasons causing them to open and widen.

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