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Now with new destination and additional decals to reflect current operation unit.  Already released.
Another nice looking steam locomotive.  Already sold out at KATO, so secure yours now as it will running out quickly. Here is some summary from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015.  I am sorry taking long time to upload this information. New announcement for TOMIX is Tobu Series 100 Spacia with "Nikko Moude" coloring and Series 103 skyblue color. There was no new announcement from Microace but their showcase having different model from previous events.  You see the big "Greenmax" signboard but the booth itself is Microace. This item is non painted plastic kit but very made in detail.  Also designed for installing LED for lighting. Here is some summary from new product showcase event by Tomytec, which was held on January 14.
TOMIX's new package for basic set now fits for small packet shipment for reasonable shipping. Small locomotive but getting attention from customers.  KATO 10-1184 (ED19 and TAKI10600 set) is already sold out at Kato. Only upper body is shared.  As mentioned in previous meeting, they will come with newly designed underfloor parts. 1st prototype and still developing.  Series 50 coach was only available from TOMIX for long time and KATO fans are really interested. Kato is really confident on this model as they passed QC check at first time by Odakyu, who is very famous for checking model detail before giving green light to model manufacturer.
Kato recommended to seat some figure on front seats.  However, due to design limitation, legs for those figures needs to be cut.
Actually this model having very good turning characteristic.  Not officially announced but can pass tight curves way smaller than R282 (as it is not official, please ask me in private).
Using mould with previous release but refined design and painting.  Old logo version (10-1243) is only for first release, so just take it before its gone. Myojo Cement logo is printed.  Secure yours now as it is quickly running out as this item is only package you can get TAKI10600. It is very difficult to show over photo but the painting is something different from normal Kato and very brilliant.

Very well designed and silver painted emergency escape ladder inside of cab also can be seen.  And this is cheaper than Greenmax!! Kato is now releasing this item but having plan to consolidate E7 product to "KAGAYAKI" in future.  Move quick to secure if you like to have W7 version.
Will be produced with newly designed mould, so will reflect change in headlight shape from E3-1000. With the new announcement, KATO is focusing on "Itaya Pass" which is on Ou Main Line, where steep passage required special locomotive. The event was held at Tokyo Big Sight.  This is my first time to attend this event but felt like Shizuoka Hobby Show is bigger in size with more companies. They are showing moving sample to show how the item move slow and smooth.  It seems very nice.
Other products are coming.  As Rokuhan makes products with really in detail, so it is bit expensive but their quality is really nice. It had been quite a time passed since last meeting since it was not scheduled one in August. Eidan series 6000 is getting good feedback and oncoming FEF-3 is highly expected from customer mainly in U.S.
There is some minor issues raised from end user regarding recently released product.  KATO doesn't consider as product error but understands some communication needs to be made clearly if possible to minimize miscommunication between customer. Tomytec hosting this event about 3 to 4 times in a year and this is my first time to join the event.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the item below.  We can get all the item not only model train but also other item from Tomytec!! This item is already released to market and we have available item at ModelTrainPlus.  Basic set will qualify for promotion described below.
This is limited item introduced at Shizuoka Hobby Show and already sold out at Tomix.  Check us for availability. Tama and Ichigo train which is everyone's favorite.  We still have available item for pre-order. New items are listed.  They are now developing huge tank and chimney which commonly seen at heavy industrial area like Tokyo bayshore Kawasaki or Yokohama area.
Tomica Limited Vintage was expanding line-up for old TV Drama "Seibu Keisatsu" cars and motorcycles.

10-1223 is already sold out at Kato.  If you are planning to make full 12 car formation, please check us for availability. Just locate this at your freight station or container terminal.  Really small investment but will definitely make your layout something more. Their primary showcase was Gun-Pla and "Youkai Watch", which is TV series now getting popular among school kids.  So the display for B Train is relatively small. Mostly same item shown at sales meeting on same week, so nothing particular.  Only packaging of Eidan Type 500 is new. Very common Marunouchi line scene on both package.  Basic set is at Ochanomizu and add-on set is at old Korakuen station. Still the color is not yet finalized.  As you can see from the photo, the color is a bit light. The parts for door and hood between car #4 and #5 will be a separate parts and using double sided tape by end user. This is one of the biggest hobby show in Japan and the show is held at Shizuoka, Japan, where is the capital of model industry. Tomix 98927 KIHA 48-500 UMINEKO.  This is limited release and order only accepted at this show. Kato and his team suggested alternative plan to make some re-run of certain train model and asked retailers for opinion.  As it was a serious conversation between KATO and retailers, you may find unexpected announcement of re-run of certain item. Some TOMIX track packing will be changed.  List price will be doubled as number of track per pack will be doubled. Sakai, KATO already looking into the issue and changed production procedure on motor unit with flywheel.  This will be better from release of ED19. Sakai, who is a general manager at KATO's factory in Tsurugashima, Saitama made first attendance and will continue to be present for future meetings. 10-1224 Series 233-6000 Yokohama LineSame model already released from Tomix.  How do you find difference?4.

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