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Military models whether they are tanks, ships planes, or figures are a class of models that have come into popularity in the past couple of decades that werena€™t around when I was working with plastic models. Dioramas of military scenes (WWI and WWII are the most popular) occupy the time of many modelers and judging from online pictures, these military models are remarkable. Whether built around a commercial kit, scratch built, or even bashed from multiple kits, they usually place high in local scale model contests.
This venue has spawned a complete network of subdivisions under the magazine, a€?Armchair Generala€?. For instance a€?And then all Hell broke loosea€? is an example of a story that never made CNN. A model military vehicle is a scale replica which represents a military vehicle a€” tank or other armored fighting vehicle, artillery, truck (lorry), Jeep, etc.
Well Miliblog had a great day out at the IPMS, that’s the International Plastic Modellers Society, show at the International Centre in Telford, Shropshire.
The Airfix Tribute Forum had a superb stand dedicated to the history of Airfix models over the years.
I think it is important once more to remind our readers, Miliblog is NOT a political website at all. Our sample US Tank featured this week is a nice M4 Sherman with a Cullin devise fitted on the front. So without further delay, I’ll get back to the scanner and conjure up some nice new photos for next week. OK, that’s got the back slapping done and onto what new photos we have for you this week.
And next to keep our friends across the pond happy are two photos of the twenty or so illustrating a junk yard on the I1 or Interstate 10 in the USA.
Next we have a Standard 10hp Light Utility, but something about it isn’t quite right, and that’s the radiator grill and bonnet, or hood ! So I wish you all a good week and I’m back to the albums and see what we can muster for next week’s additions for your entertainment !
After last week’s busy week, we raided the collection and concentrated on two main areas that are always popular. The Landies are mainly in RAF service and I really like to see what else is going on in the photo, don’t you ?
Well we have been pretty busy this week with lots of new stuff to whet your appetite with military vehicles and more items form the 1940′s Home Front.
A few years ago I worked with a chap called Norman who had been in the Army and done his National Service. We have a nice shot of a captured Goering’s Mercedes being loaded onto a lorry to go to who knows ! Finally, our website designer has changed the software for the Forum on Miliblog to make it more user friendly. On the 10th and 11th of December this year Modelbouwclub Lier (a modelling club situated in the small town of Lier, Belgium - which most famous member is probably Mario Eens) organised the 'Belgian Scale Modellers Convention. Photo and Build Features from our Military Modelling Magazine website members and contributors including lots of pages of articles from previous Military Modelling magazines.
ACG Gaming A Military History Resource Tactics 101 Museum Visits Battlefield Visits Reenactments Alternate Histories Movie and Book reviews Military models have become a whole new subculture representing a large investment in hobby shop counter space. Lets face it, how many of us as children didn’t get our first taste of military vehicles by making some of the magnificent models over the years.
Nearly 8 feet long it was an absolute masterpiece complete in detail to the anti-aircraft guns and Royal Navy crew in lifejackets. This is a huge collection of photos from the  Miliblog files of German forces on the Eastern Front or Ost Front in the campaigns of 1941 and 1942, as the German forces invaded Russia. As we said last week they are far from perfect, but being slightly grainy and a little out of focus, I think it brings some atmosphere to them. The big problem for troops in the Normandy campaign both for US and British troops was the Bocage countryside, which featured many fields edged with thick hedges and then sunken roads between them. With over 270 trade stands it’s going to be a cracker of a show and Miliblog will be visiting and reporting back to you.
This week we’ve started an exciting new section which I think will be very useful especially to model makers.
So far we have 3 sections, WW2 British, WW2 German and WW2 American, each with many exciting photos to view.

One of our favourite Military Vehicle publications, Military Machines International recently published issue No 100 and we sent their editor Ian Young a congratulations email wishing him all the best for the next 100 issues. A nice Marirus Deutz S3500 Fire Rescue, which we are pretty certain is an ex-military fire engine.
Below are two examples, a US Marine Corps Dodge M37 Cargo and a US Army Kaiser Jeep M715 Cargo. Next week we’ll be digging into our collection of e-photos built up over the years from a number of sources. Well I’m still as always searching out for new stuff for the website to share with you, my fellow MV enthusiasts. Have a look also under the WW2 Original photos and we have a great shot of three Bristol Blenheim Mk1 Bombers in flight, in very early wartime markings.
Two are Morris MRA1 1 Tonners, with the first being a Water Tanker version probably in an ex-military auction with Lot No 1185. Then we have a Commer BF Van, again an example of often long-overlooked support vehicles that work hard behind the scenes in keeping the military machine working. However we have been going through the albums to find some nice ones to be scanned in over the next few weeks. To start with some nice Albion CX22S Gun Tractors, some preserved and some at work in the 1950′s. On the outskirts of Wolverhampton, a city in the Midlands of the UK, is Bantock Park which includes a lovely old house called Bantock House. We’ve already got our first posting there thanks to Hugo and would love to hear from you anywhere in the world with your comments on our little website and even with what things you would like to see on Miliblog. It was for the first time that the event was a two day show (previous years it was a one day event called 'Lier Convention') and a big succes.
More importantly, active servicemen have been writing of their experiences to give modelers an idea of what real battlefield conditions are like.
The major kit manufacturers were there such as Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, Fujimi and Hasagawa while most of the British specialist manufacturers such as Cronwell, Sovereign 2000, MMS Models, BW Models, Accurate Armour, Milicast and Matador Models were also there in force.
Another area will feature studio photos of German servicemen, which will appeal not only to those who collect uniforms, but those interested in the homefront as well. As always we love to receive your emails about all sorts of items, so we will wait and see if we get any feedback.
The problem was when an Allied tank went up and over the hedge, it revealed the soft under-belly which was an easy target for enemy bazookas or panzerfausts. This means that the average visitor looks at around 80 pages per visit, so we must be doing something right for our fellow enthusiasts come back to have another look !
Over the years I have accumulated many different photos and in different forms, whether it be digital, slides or even the glossy photos that came in a packet from the photo shop after developing.
Well we just bought issue 101 this weekend and our jaws dropped open to read a lovely response from Ian. Firstly a Bedford J Series Luton Van in camouflage, and then an unusual Mandator 4×2 Tractor in use at the HM Dockyards in Portsmouth. Not as good as digital or scanned photos, they are very interesting to look at and see the details.
The photo shows it was entrant number J285 on the 1978 National Benzole ( a petrol company, now long gone) Historic Commercial Vehicle Run, with a Canadian Chevvy parked behind it.
Also we have been able to buy some more photos from a number of sellers across the world, which we hope to bring to you soon.
Does anyone know if the Amusements company in Salford and Oldham is still in business ? I’ve added a couple of them below. Owned by Wolverhampton Council, it is a marvellous museum of all sorts of items from the local area. Very interesting and although they were taken with a basic camera at the time, with the clarity not upto what we get now, they still give a good insight into early postwar vehicles and surroundings in Germany 1946. Modellers from all over Europe came and the standard in the competition was very high I must say. Most if not all area clubs that make up the IPMS were there displaying their finest models of aircraft, tanks, ships, cars etc as well as many specialist interests such as the USAF or Landing Craft sections. A rare model that had been stripped down to it’s parts and then rebuilt in a better way especially for the show.

The first one is a nice photo of a Valentine Tank in Malta and the reason we are sure it’s taken in Malta is because of the camouflage pattern. It was solved by a Sergeant Bill Cullin of the US Engineers who came up with the idea of chopping down the German anti-invasion metalwork on the beaches and attaching pieces to the front of a tank. But part of the collection that is really interesting are the digital e-photos that were available on cd’s or donated from fellow enthusiasts.
To quote, he said ‘I took a look and found it to be packed with information and photos and is definitely worth a look.
We start with an unusual photo of a Warrior APC which appears a normal standard vehicle, until you look closer  to see it’s a sort of recovery vehicle without a turret and some sort of spade device at the back. A lovely old Spitfire flown by the late and great Ray Hanna, giving racing driver Aln de Cadenet a haircut, will certainly bring a smile to you face !
Finally, a nice photo of a Austin Metro Van in RAF colours to show the military uses all sorts of vehicles, even a humble Metro Van. The first denotes armored vehicles from their inception into combat during the first World War until approximately 1936. It is also intrested in the human side and how people lived under wartime conditions, whether it be on the battleground or indeed at the home front, which could be more stressful.
If you have ever visited Malta, you will see many dry stone walls separating the fields and the army adopted a similar style of camouflage to the walls. Introduced in 1944, it had a diesel 4 cylinder engine developing 77 bhp mated to a five-speed gearbox. Vehicles of this time period are considered to be experimental for the most part and did not make major contributions to what few battles they took part in. Vehicles used between 1936 and 1945 fall into the Second World War category. Have a look at the picture and you will see what we mean. The next British smple is a nice little Light Tank MkVIA taken in North Africa with the commander standing on the turret with his binoculars. Then we have a really atmospheric photo of a Panzer III motoring along in the desert in North Africa. The others that have no copyright or are so old that under International law the copyright has expired, we shall be adding to Miliblog for your enjoyment. Similar to say, we also enjoy reading Ian’s magazine and highly recommend people to source it out if they are not already readers. You never know, perhaps amongst us are the guys who work for the actual companies making the models and they might find some ideas for new models for next year. Have a look as it really was an atmospheric event with a few wartime vehicles and people dressed up in 1940′s clothes. Even though this area spans the shortest number of years, it is by far the most popular for armor modelers due to the enormous range of vehicles used and the vast improvements in armor technology. Maybe Mankind can look at history and certain images and experiences, and say let’s find a better way to a solution. The last British sample this week is a lovely Churchill Recovery Tank complete with what looks to be twin-Bren guns as armament. This is an example of where despite the photo being grainy and not in much detail, I just had to include it in the collection.  We have 5 Stug III photos this week and my favourite is the one below, which is in colour.
Next we have started the Japanese vehicle section with a couple of vehicles, one being the Hino Tractor featured below, which is a very close copy of US WW2 Autocar U-7144T 4×4 Tractor.
During the early part of the war, most armored vehicles were smaller, less heavily armored, and lightly armed. Last sample this week from the German section must show an excellent idea for all our modellers amongst us. Well not an easy question, but we decided to put all the M20′s under US WW2 Heavyweight vehicles. Major tank engagements early on convinced governments on all sides of the need for more survivable and deadlier vehicles. Tanks designs created near the end of the war remained largely unchanged until the 1970s. Any vehicle designed after 1945 is considered "modern".
This encompasses a longer time span and very large number of armor designs from all countries, therefore the groupings tend to be associated with country of origin, i.e.

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