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Cross Validated is a question and answer site for people interested in statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization. Also, computational time is huge when forecasting as one complete time series with 3 years+ of historical data.
I have tried to handle 'missing' data by creating an exogenous variable for when visits = 0. With the help of the post by Professor Hyndman about batch forecasting in R, I am trying to set up a loop to forecasting the 24 series but it doesn't seem to want to forecast for 1 pm onwards and can't figure out why. I would fully appreciate constructive criticism of the way I am going about this and any help towards getting this script working. Also, I am very new to these forums - I have tried to deliver as full an explanation as possible, demonstrate the prior research I have done and also provide a reproducible example; I hope this is sufficient but please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to improve upon my post. After reviewing the Daily Totals and each of the 24 Hourly Models , I would definitely reflect that the Number Of Visits is in a serious downslide ! You may be under orders here, but I think this needs some sharpening up in terms of what you expect to achieve and what is most important to you. Separating out hourly series seems to be driven by the idea of cutting down the computation without very much consideration of how much sense it makes.
You are evidently a learner in time series (and I'm putting myself on a par) but no learner should start with a problem this big. It terms of simpler solutions, I couldn't work exponential smoothing techniques in such a way that jubilee weekend period last year cause this year (same period) to over-forecast.
All I can say is what I would do if I were under orders and had precisely the information you give here.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged predictive-models forecasting arima seasonality predictor or ask your own question. How to forecast multivariate time-series 'accurately' with a large number of unknown factors using R? Can address details be "googled" from the whois information, without knowing the domain name?
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IssueFalls is the leading cause of injury-related death and hospitalization for older adults in Manitoba and accounts for 54% of all regional critical incidents. Lessons Learned• Start slow and work out the • To get staff buy-in requires “kinks" before trying to expand them to feel involved in the process• Remember it takes time to • Provide positive feedback and change practice.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Model Call Location San Francisco, California Technology tradeshow seeking Brazilian female model for promotional work. Greetings,I am trying to establish the value of this clock that belongs to a friend of mine who cannot access the Internet due to blindness.From the history on the site, it appears the clock was made by Sessions between 1903 and 1936. I would like to find out more about a Session Gold Star Clock that has been a part of our family at least dating back to my grandparents and perhaps, even longer.

Old antique clock says F-S Sessions on the number 12 dial at top, Little bag with key in it says La Rose, made in USA. I dont know much of the history of the clock as it was bought at auction here in Australia.
This is a Sessions Black Enamel Mantel Wood Clock from the early 1900's (probably 1903 or after). My instincts, from dealing with this data, tell me that this shouldn't often cause a significant issue but I am open to suggestions as to how to deal with this.
I require the ability to account for moving holidays, leap years and sporadic events (essentially outliers); on this basis I gather that ARIMAX is my best bet, using exogenous variables to try and model the multiple seasonality as well as the aforementioned factors. This is proving to be problematic because of the amount of zeros in my data, especially at times of the day which see very low volumes of visits, sometimes none at all when the store has just opened. Again, this works great for busier times of day when the only time there are no visits is when the store is closed for the day; in these instances, the exogenous variable successfully seems to handle this for forecasting forward and not including the effect of the the day previously being closed. I should add that I have tested this and the exogenous variables do produce forecasts that capture daily, weekly & annual seasonality.
This kind of analysis by a prospective buyer would suggest a non-purchase while a seller would be wise to redouble their efforts to sell the business based upon this very negative projection. I understand that your software goes above and beyond any alternatives but is unfortunately not an option to me for the time being. The goal is to attempt to build a model so that it will not tend to significantly over-forecast (resulting in wasted staff hours) or under-forecast (so that the staff are not over-whelmed).
Due to the sort of outliers that are involved I felt like I absolutely had to use exogenous variables. My mom gave it to me and it was left to her by her father.It says Sessions Clock Company, Forestville, Conn.
He passed when I was very young, and the clock was kept at my father and mother's home until he passed in 2001. Recently, our farm house which has been in the family for four generations was broken into and vandels threw this sentimental piece to the floor damaging the clock. Anyway - it is a Sessions clock with gold gilt Egyptian looking figures and columns and details. Description: Samsung is looking for some tech savy female models in Bakersfield, California for a promotional spokesmodel position. I of course expect there shall be limitations but I would like to take this project as far as I can, and I don't doubt that this must be of use to others here as well. I believe the process would benefit from using auto.arima but it doesn't seem to be able to converge on a model before reaching the maximum number of iterations (hence using a manual fit and the maxit clause). However, I'm not sure how to use this principle in regards to predicting the quieter hours where the store is open but doesn't always receive visits. This was one of the other reasons I thought to forecast each hour as a separate series though, as Nick also mentioned, my forecast for 4pm on any given day will not be influenced by previous hours in the day. In a complete analysis all 24 hours would be developed and also a daily model in order to reconcile the forecasts.

You have a lot of data, you have periodicities on several scales, you have irregularities of opening hours and holidays, you have exogenous variables: you have picked a very difficult problem.
Reasonable being the key word because, as both you and Dave have stated, there is far more to be considered here. I have only found one other one like it on Ebay but the guy selling it knew about as much as I do about the one he had. It was previously in excellent condition and the label on the back reads "Sessions Clock Gold Start Eight Day-Half Hour Strike Cathedral Gong". I do not know which model this clock is and would like to know if anyone can identify this clock. If it is of interest, I can re-re-run the daily data and demonstrate that it is capturing the weekly, monthly and annual seasonality. Still works perfectly and I am sure it is at least 60 years old.I have researched it, but couldn't find the history I was looking for. The only thing that I can find out about the clock is that the company that made it hasn't been in business since 1903. Also on the back wood panel, there is a number 7 stamped in the wood, not sure of the meaning.
But also on the face it has a "F S" indicator between an adjustment which I presume to mean that if the clock is running too fast or too slow I can fix this by turning the adjustment.
In addition to the significant regressors (note the actual lead and lag structure have been omitted ) there were indicators reflecting the seasonality , level shifts , daily effects , changes in daily effects , and unusual values not consistent with history. Throwing everything in to a big complicated model is evidently not working well, and something radically simpler seems called for, or a realisation that the project is possibly too ambitious. The clock mechanics are similar to other Sessions clocks I have seen pictures of, but would like to know which part I would need since this clock does not tick-tock.
I can manually make it chime on the hour and ding on the half hour, but it does not run automatically. We have been modelling this kind of data for years in an automatic manner, subject of course to optional user-specified controls. Matthew Lutheran School, New Britain, Connecticut until the mid 1960's when all such classroom clocks were removed for battery operated clocks.
Just advise your management that the problem is solvable but not necessarily by using primitive tools.
I am wondering what year it might be (guessing circa 1920) and what it might bring at auction or through an antique dealer.

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