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The newly released clip kicks off with the Sport Illustrated beauty washing a truck covered in mud as a promotion for the Texas BBQ Thickburger.
After she puts on an eye-popping display on the hood of the car with a burger in hand, Hilton enters the scene in a bondage-style outfit with her blond locks blowing in the wind.
Carl's Jr's newest commercial for its TexMex burger features sexy models playing volleyball in tiny bikinis. As usual, Carl's Jr's latest commercial features models in very little clothing eating ginormous burgers, but this specific ad touches on some political issues pertaining to the immigration debate that's currently dominating the 2016 presidency race. In this commercial, the sexy models are split up into two teams, Team Tex and Team Mex, to promote the hamburger chain's newest Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger, which contains an Angus beef patty, poblano peppers, applewood smoked bacon, Santa Fe sauce and pepper jack cheese.
The models featured in the video are Elle Evans, Bryanna Holly, Ashley Alexander, Alejandra Guilmant, Kara Del Toro and Brittany Ward, according to People. While the two teams are split up between blonde Texas models and brunette Mexican models, another question that came up was if this was stereotyping women.
We Millennials are killing the art of conversation and the desire to make our voices heard a€“ really heard a€“ one text message at a time. Indicators are showing a large storm system moving toward the Plains, South, Midwest and East in the first week of March, bringing snow, rain and thunderstorms with it.

The popular water theme park has admitted that some of its employees posed as animal rights activists in order to spy on protesters and critics. The experimental Ebola antibody mAb114 may soon be tested on humans due to its effectiveness in monkeys. HNGN's Rescue Pet Of The Week: Adoptable Guinea Pigs Felix And Oscar Need A Home, But This 'Odd Couple' Is Inseparable! This particular iteration stars Texan models Elle Evans (of Blurred Lines fame), Bryanna Holly and Ashley Alexander, and Mexican models Alejandra Guilmant, Kara Del Toro and Brittany Ward, going head-to-head (or depending on the camera angle, butt-to-butt) about whether the chain’s new Tex-Mex burger is more, well, Tex or Mex. Evans and Guilmant had a blast filming the shoot (as seen in the selfie roll from Evans’s camera, below) and took a few minutes out of their busy volleyball schedule to chat with PEOPLE about some key elements of their jetsetting model lives.
Alejandra: Be comfortable with yourself and your body, listen to the photographer and know your light. Note: If this is your first time commenting on Style News Now, your comment will need to be approved by our moderator before it will appear.
Seriously, this is what our world is coming to, let’s just keep on getting more sexiest and trashy.
Twin sisters Lexie and Lindsey Kate, 28, founded Beauty Redefined and are calling for others to join their boycott of Carl’s Jr.

These models go head-to-head to figure out if the burger is more Tex or more Mex, and many people are wondering if the burger chain took this one too far. There’s sexy burger chomping, skimpy bikinis and the occasional slow-mo butt slap involved.
You will be delighted to hear they’re continuing that tradition, but this time adding a beach volleyball component.
Typically the commercials feature scantily clad celebrities — like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton (who are famous for nothing) — suggestively eating its burgers. As for where this idea came from, the restaurant hired one of the best advertising companies, 72andSunny, to get its idea across, according to Food World News. Just days after she won her fight, Rousey revealed that she is set to star as herself in a film based on her autobiography.
Economic policy?And besides, when you've give this kind of treatment to a teriyaki burger, it's hard to be taken seriously.

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