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Despite the difference in scale, there are many similarities between prototype and model car shops and car repair functions. There is a lot to learn from this picture taken inside the Norfolk Southern car shops in Motor Yard in Macedonia, OH.
Perhaps this will help inspire you to detail that car shop on your layout, or at least change out a few wheelsets.
I was looking for a place to purchase a model train for my son and found this place online and went to the store. Gotham Model Trains is owned by model railroad enthusiast Robert Lorayne, who has been involved with model trains his entire life! Directory of model railroad hobby shops in the western us and canada that provide model trains, structures, scenery, electronics, and repair services..
A large selection for the model railroading enthuiast, including a 70,000+ item searchable catalog and on-line ordering from local hobby shops..
Providing an a-z model shop directory with maps for the usa and canada, suppliers directory, exhibitions calendar, clubs and societies listings and much more.. The silver city comet was the first complete air conditioned train to operate in australia and it was also the first all diesel air conditioned train to operate. See what’s going on within our online store, in our bricks n mortar site in Liverpool, UK and order fulfilment centre in Widnes, Cheshire. The Canadian legend is that if the CPR went bust, Stephen and Smith should be seen to be personally bankrupt, themselves.
Spiked together the CPR's eastern network, particularly in the key Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto area..
The new Canadian Pacific Railway Angus Shops complex was named after him when it opened in 1904.
Fun fact : the CPR was paying over $500,000 a year for water for its mainline steam locomotives ! There was plenty of storage space for raw materials, parts inventory, and scrap management.
The frog shop at the centre left was used to build the specialized rail assemblies and other pieces used in switches, and railway-crossing-railway track "diamonds".

Taken in 1948 after extensive facility development, this photo shows the orderly but cluttered west end of Angus.
This is the car shop area and the midway and overhead crane track can be seen in the top right corner. Shortly after World War Two, some cast steel wheels are being harvested at the wheel foundry.
For easier reading of the following "documentary" CPR text, I'll write in green for this section. I have used some illustrations from the UK and US to give you an idea of the type of work involved - particularly if there are workers shown in the photographs.
It is the purpose of this article to outline the procedure by which the reconditioning of a locomotive is effected.
Two engines along down this line, you can see a couple of workers toiling atop one of the locomotive boilers.
The T-shaped device attached to the backhead (cab area) of the boiler fills the boiler with water. Special note : The British were generally into showier machinery often including steam locomotives with traditional inside (between the wheels) valve gear. While most  modern North American driving axles would go straight across, here you can see the inside cranks for the inside driving rods. By the worker's left hand you can see the grooves in the silver piston head for the piston rings. Not at Angus: The piston (previous photo) would be inserted in this tube, with the piston rod pointing out toward the workers.
Not at Angus : The stripped boiler is separate from the stripped running gear in an American shop. Instead of the British inside cranks, outside pins provide an eccentric connection for the rods. A few decades later, Angus itself ended with diesel maintenance and a whimper - a shadow of its former self. At the former site, Rue du Canadien-Pacifique, Rue de la Forge and Rue de la Fonderie - as well as some of the reincarnated buildings - today suggest the previous industrial use of this land.

Below is one of two similar locomotives actually erected at Angus : road numbers 1200 and 1201. Below, 1201's turbogenerator sings as it simmers on the main track at Wakefield - just before our return to Ottawa. It has a pretty extensive line of trains and track and scenic materials in a relatively small space, but most important, they have talked to me for hours on how to do all kinds of things, yet never in an attempt to get me to buy anything extra. Some brands we carry are Marklin, Atlas, Kato, Broadway Limited, Woodland Scenics, Walthers, Plastruct, Midwest, Bachman, Faller, Kibri and many more!
We are a local framing shop, capable providing personal service and attention to all of our customers! Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply, but we are generally faster, particularly during business hours. Below the freight car shop is the "truck shop" where the wheelsets were built and maintained. Obviously, the equipment in this shop is much larger than what we are used to in any scale, but I suspect many will be surprised at how small many of the tools and parts really are. Once the brake rigging is disconnected, all that holds the truck to the car is a small pin visible on top of the truck bolster in the foreground.Looking at details around the shop, another parallel to model railroads can be seen. They told me about train modeling software for my Mac (RailModeller Pro) and then they asked me to e-mail them my design so they could help me clean it up and do the wiring. I went in to ask about getting some Track Cleaner for an old train set I have not used in ages and it worked great again once I cleaned it up!
Work areas are well-lighted and there is not a piece of scrap or waste to be seen.Detailing a shop like this on a model railroad would be a manageable project in any scale.
Tool cabinets, car jacks, jib cranes and other details are available as castings in many scales or could be made from scratch.

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