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This site contains free bonus material for people who have purchased the Complete Beginners Guide To Model Trains. On your download page, you would have been given your member link, to access the content on this site. Then contact us here with your order details, so we can send you your special link for the members are of this site. I think dad has some really old say 50-70yr old HO gauge train and we just need new track for it. Dad had a day off, so we set off working on this, fixing the (minor) cracking on the layout and started fixing the bridge.

Backround: A decoder's job is to grab the digital information being sent to it via and address from the Central Station on the track and switch the turnout, so it will either being straight ahead, or curved. So, one of the digital decoders (About $50 each) decided to burn out, No idea why, guess it must have been faulty.
Then after that we had an issue where only 2 of the turnouts would work, after half an hour of stuffing around, checking pins, restarting the system somewhat 5 times. I have a table set up with 2m by 1.5m and it has cost me a bloody fortune and I haven't even touched it in a year. Turns out that the power connectors for retro fitting the turnout motors with the digital decoders have to be connected to a certain power connector, Being that the trains run on an AC circuit this should not matter, for some reason the decoders would not work the other way.

On one of the unseen bits, the track hangs over the edge by around 1cm, the track is yet to be pinned down! He had hoped to build his own train layout, but over time as he got busier, it just wasn't possible. It's got a little bit of superficial damage, like trackpins etc, all easy stuff to fix really.

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