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Turnouts are sections of track that allow trains to travel from one line of track to another. There are basically 2 types:a€?Insulated (also called a€?standarda€?) - These are easier to wire and install. Hooking up 2 or more remotes to the same control switchSometimes, ita€™s useful to hook up 2 or more solenoid switch motors to one electrical control switch. There may be a situation in which you want to make 3, 4 or 5 turnouts all change with the control of one switch.
Digital controlThe above wiring for remotes can be used whether your track power is analog or digital-controlled, since power to the solenoid motors and control switches is coming from the AC terminals of your transformer and are not dependent on track power. The diagram below shows how a standard turnout with rails soldered to PC Board ties and a manual ground throw is wired. Turnout wiring can be confusing to new modelers since the devices, sometimes called switches, are available in several different configurations and require a little special attention when it comes to proper hook-up.

Latest update on the construction of the N-scale ATSF Paradigm Division (see my previous April 2014 blog item to see the track plans). The physical construction of the staging level, that is, supporting benchwork, roadbed (I use it even in staging yards) and track were completed on 16 December 2013. The vast majority of turnouts on the staging level will be changed by finger, however, I have six of them that are too far from the edge of the table so I will use manual (Bluepoint) controllers.
One of the planned four power districts on the staging level has been completely wired and is now working as shown in the video below.
However, if you have a DCC control unit, you can control remote devices with your walkaround digital control unit.
The 14 AWG wire then routes to a European style terminal strip that has been cut to the appropriate size as shown in the second and third pictures. The picture below shows the first of the manual controllers that is being set up to show the position of the turnout on a small panel (yet to be built).

The first section runs from the cabinet to the Ready Tracks East yard and powers the helix in the video.
The main electrical differences between switches are how power is handled at the frog (the point where rails of different polarity cross). This train brought additional express cars to Kansas City Union Station from the northeast that did not make it to Chicago in time to meet up with the Santa Fe’s Fast Mail Express.
The easiest turnout to wire is the insulated frog type which usually consists of a frog constructed of non-conducting plastic or isolated metal material. Gap locations are shown on the Fast Tracks printable tie templates for each scale and size of turnout.

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