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All aboard: Eric Marshall spends hours in his front garden with his model railwayNow he just has to get used to the hundreds of tourists flocking to his front door to see his collection in motion. World in miniature: Eric's prized cable car Mr Marshall, who used to work in the printing industry, accepts donations from visitors and has raised over A?500 for Macmillan Cancer Support this year alone. From pork pie wedding cakes to flower pot table plans and PERCY PIG favours: How to make your wedding stand out from the rest! Salary : Your initial salary will be negotiated in relation to your experience and qualifications. Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news.
Sun City Center Model Railroad Club Names Its 1,000th Junior EngineerThere are numerous times when advantageous details gets drowned in a sea of press releases, especially before major trade shows and conventions.
Once upon a time (that is how a lot of stories start) there was a young minister of the gospel named Ted Richards. As the furniture was being moved out of the room and news that a model railroad was going to be constructed, several of the resident men became interested.
About the time Ted and Jim had the panhandle area built and were installing some track and switches, they had two visitors. Walter Kerr and his wife Ruth, before becoming residents of Shell Point Village, made a number of visits to the train room. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV. We think the following editorial sort of cuts by means of the noise & offers us several valuable news details. Elden Johnson and his wife Eloise were visiting Shell Point, with the idea that they may become residents. John was employed 38 years by the United States Steel Corporation in their Engineering Department. During the active years of his life as a minister, he used trains for his transportation needs. This filled a growing need, as many of the visitors are children and persons confined to a wheel chair.
DaSilva was named the clubs 1,000th junior engineer, an honor that netted him a trophy, certificate and model Denver and Rio Grande train set during his visit to the Dec. Now he must have been a good minister and a leader among his congregation and had a good rapport among the Churches in the C&MA, because in 1954 they elected him Superintendent of the Pacific Northwest District. Jim, during his working years, was employed as a Construction Engineer by Commonwealth Edison in the Chicago, Illinois area.

Host visitors to Shell Point seem to stop in and view the model railroad and "EJ" was no different. The number of visitors is increasing as the communities surrounding Shell Point become aware of the railroad. From the viewing stand you will see a model railroad laid out on a table in the shape or configuration of the State of Florida. As he started his working career he commuted on the Rock Island and also on the Northwestern. Now "EJ" had a particular interest in railroads, as indirectly his paychecks were coming from the railroads. At one point in his life he was advised by his physician to adopt a hobby, so he turned to model railroading.
In the spring when the schools are making their tours, one of their stops is the Gulf Coast Railroad. The table measures approximately 41 feet - east to west - Jacksonville to Pensacola and about 43 feet - north to south - Jacksonville to Miami and Key West. I thought they were kidding at first when they told me he was the 1,000th junior engineer, Emmett said. Being superintendent required a lot of travel, so Ted's transportation needs turned to the railroads. Because the size of the room would allow them to build a model railroad of considerable size, their vision of the layout became larger and larger. You see, he was working for General Motors in their Diesel Locomotive Division in LaGrange, Illinois and was familiar with many railroads, as he was a Parts Sales Representative.
Later Len and Ruth moved to Toledo where he was employed by Electric Autolite, as an Accounting Systems Analyst. The registration book was started in 1973 and over 18,000 guests have registered with all 50 states represented and about 45 countries outside the United States.
While living in Toledo, Len and his wife Ruth built a home with a room for a model railroad. We love sharing our interest in model trains with children in the community and have been collecting the names of children who visit our club for some time, said Larry Bruni, club president. Now this was the beginning of his love affair with railroading and he was soon to start his own model railroad. When we realized we were close to signing up our 1,000th junior engineer, we decided to do something special to celebrate. All the hard work and traveling required by being a Superintendent came to an end, as Ted suffered a coronary attack.

When Len saw what Ted and Jim were building, he was so enthusiastic about it that he and Ruth decided to move to Shell Point when they retired.
That was all that was needed, as John was soon to be found in the train room operating the trains and showing them to the visitors to the Gulf Coast Railroad. There are perhaps a few hundred buildings, automobiles, trucks, tractors and people - miniature, of course - that can be seen as part of the exhibit. Club member Morgan Jones is charged with showing children how to operate one of the clubs model trains. His retirement was still a few years away, but this did not stop Len from starting to move his railroad to Shell Point. Your tour guide and narrator will first direct your attention to the freight yards and turntable in the Pensacola area. Plans were then made for Ted and his wife liable to move to Shell Point Village, which they did in June 1971.
As he would remove the things from his Toledo home, he would pack and ship it to Ted and Jim. Len had about 24 locomotives and 100 assorted freight and passenger cars which he moved to Shell Point. King, then Treasurer of the C&MA, Ted was encouraged to bring his model railroad to Shell Point.
No football game can be played without a blimp flying around, so a blimp is flying over the field, which is the only blimp that advertises Shell Point Village. Some of the equipment that Ted brought with him, such as a turntable, round house and the gas-electric doodlebug are still in the present display.
At this point of your tour the guide will turn the house lights off and will turn the exhibit lights on. This is indeed quite a sight as you can imagine you are on a night flight on a commercial airline flying over Florida. All of the buildings are lighted inside, the lighthouse on Sanibel Island is now working as well as the beacon light at the Homestead Air Force Base. You attention now will be directed on down the peninsula to places such as Disney World, the Edward W.
The Citrus Tower at Clermont, Kennedy Space Center with the Columbia ready for take off, Lake Okeechobee, and many other attractions.

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