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Product FeaturesFrom a mud puddle to an ocean harbor, Magic Water by Unreal Details makes it easy to add a water feature to your layout. Having model train scenery that creates an astounding impact would not be possible without railroad model supplies like miniature trees, model bridges, model bridge parts, miniature rock molds, miniature mountain grass mats, scenery layouts and more. Hobbyists and professional model railway designers or builders want to have different scenery layouts for terrains that can show off the awesome designs of the various model train scenery accessories that you collect. A successful model railway brings delight to audiences when they come as close to the real thing as possible. Rock molds that are available in our shop in Salt Lake City will add character to your model railway landscape, depicting the rugged beauty of real mountains and rock formations. The rock molds and grass mats included in the railroad model supplies we carry help to create a seamless design for any kind of setting or landscape design you have in mind.
The latex rubber and actual rocks are not exactly the same when it comes to composition and characteristics.
Grand Central Gems in Salt Lake City has been providing railroad model supplies and model train scenery for years.
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The unique line of scenery materials from JTT allows the modeler to create highly realistic plantings and foliage.
Like all the categories of model railroading scenery has made dramatic leaps forward in the level of detail that can be easily added to scenes, dioramas and layouts. Initially JTT has offered a full suite of ground cover materials in addition to a full line of species accurate tree models.
In addition to the packs of flowering plants and corn stalks, JTT offers two different packs of hedge material.
While labeled as an HO scale scenery product, the JTT scenery packs can be used in the larger scales up to and including O scale. The two-part resin solution requires no heating and can be installed all at once with no layering.

Rock molds are great features for terrain and our product line includes rock formations in different colors and designs. Rock molds may provide the perfect contrast to the foliage in the model train scenery, creating a stunning visual impact for viewers. Create an inspired look by designing rough-hewn landscapes that look naturally formed by environmental elements. Customizing the appearance of your model train scenery with these types of model train accessories accentuates the focus of the model railway, which is the train itself. Our artists make sure that the elements in your railway scenery appear realistic – only miniaturized.
When it comes to pieces that make your imagination alive, we are the company you can trust. The fact is that having simple elements like rock molds, grass mats and scenery layouts add up to create a perfect model railway that accurately features elements of reality in an artistic way.
When it comes to low cost and wonderfully crafted model train accessories, our company in Salt Lake City comes out on top. You can rely on our comprehensive array of miniature products to set you up for success for your model railway needs. JTT Scenery Products is on the cutting edge with a full line of these enhanced scenery products that the average modeler can expect to find at the local hobby shop. Their latest offerings are a growing collection of reasonably priced packs of hedges and individual plants. Naturally larger fields and other areas would require the addition of multiple plant packs however, due to their affordable pricing this will not break the scenery budget, particularly when one takes the added level of detail that their inclusion adds to any scene. In addition, a complementary series of large plant packs labeled for O scale are now available. Having them on your model train supplies will provide a seamless design for your model railway. Having varied planes and angles for your rock molds can accurately represent the effects of nature to the landscape and will make the appearance of your model railway more genuine.

A good balance of railroad model supplies can make your model railroad striking and enhance the pleasure of the viewer. The packs of hedges are extremely useful both in their intended capacity as hedgerows as well as when pulled apart to be used as individual bushy plants. With such a diverse line of products available, now would be a great time to get a jump on your layout's spring planting! A curing time of 12 to 24 hours allows modelers ample time to create realistic ponds, waterfalls or rivers and to add details such as rocks and reeds or ripples and waves. Different rock formations can transform your model landscape into an inspired model railway scene. Precision made us the leading manufacturer of scale model train and accessories in Salt Lake City. The latex rubber is the ideal material to use to make rock molds because of its toughness and durability. Magic Water will not bubble, crack, shrink or yellow so your scene will continue to look great. The rock molds offered in our product line are made from rubber and come in different sizes – small, medium and large. We at Grand Central Gems make sure that we provide you top quality pieces to ensure perfection when it comes to your masterpieces.
One pack provides hedges in green while two other packs contain a mixture of two rows each of four colors of flowering hedge material. Latex also captures great details making it the exact mold and transferring even the smallest and tiniest of details to the molding material.

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