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Tags: Feed your horse, Grooming, Horse breeding, Horse competitions, Horse farm, Horse racing, Realistic, Take care of horses, Train horse. In this game you’ll have to focus in breeding the best horses and make champions out of them by winning racing competitions.
After a long training session it’s important to let your horse rest and charge its batteries.
The graphics are good enough and will help you to spend a nice few hours playing this game. If you love horses and are not afraid of some hard work, you will get a chance to rebuild your uncle’s ranch. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

These training sessions are important because this way you can familiarize with the game and learn all the tricks.
You can choose whether you send it to a nice long night of rest in the stables or leave it in the fields. Pick a young horse and work with it so that you can earn some money to upgrade your property. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
You also can choose between let it feed by itself in the pasture or you can buy some bags with a mix that will improve some of the horse’s abilities. You can choose to rent a jokey to race for you, or you can do it yourself, which I find to be more amusing.

As the game has a lot of different options, kids with 7 or more years will enjoy it even more! I found this part of the game very realistic, you don’t have just text telling you what to do, but you have an actual character showing you. But pay attention to the horse’s reaction because if it doesn’t like the treat, you’ll know (you actually need to improve your relationship with it in order to get better results). You’ll have a whip that will be very important because it will grant you speed but it also puts your horse under stress, so use it wisely.

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