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A thick  layer of earth tone latex paint, with ground foam sprinkled into the wet paint is simple to apply, and makes it easy to apply trees at a later time. BTW, as far as planting trees, I've found a thin layer of Sculptamold helps keep trees planted. I am loosely basing my layout on the southwest where hills do just pop up in the middle of the flat land. I have to agree the hill is to small, take it in closer to the track as well with A rock cut if you have to.
Even if you have no plans to run one I sugest geting one of the monster High cube freight cars the biggest comercialy avalable is the one you want. Set your cearances so it can just get through with the minimum space you can get away with having done that anything you plan to normaly run should not have any problems getting round the layout. The only dead flat areas will be in the towns and man made even then there will probably be some variations in level.

In the second photo I see potential for a body of water or, depending on the base material, an Arroyo. With the Arroyo you could also model culverts or bridges that pass over it as it meanders across the desert floor. In which case the lumps and bumps need to be far more subtle and should follow the same method only using nothing thicker than corn flakes box card, for the two or three contoured layer lumps and bumps.
I most certainly agree with the board edge comments falling off the edge of the know world, is visualy not a good look for curving the railway away from the edge. But since Richard is modeling what he's seeing around Mesa (just outside of Phoenix, Arizona) there really are pretty darn flat areas with hills and mountains that pop up from otherwise boring flatness. This would certainly be the case with even isolated hills if the RR was moving in that general direction across generally falt terrain as the right of way would duck around, rather than try to surmount such an obstacle. Rather than having it centered in the loop you might want to move it to the left and towards the tracks in the bottom of the first photo.

The slope averages around 80% (m=0.8, for you geometry folks), or about 30 degrees, similar to the grade of the other hill. I've found that making sure hills and cuts block at least some of the view of the tracks, it adds to the illusion of distnace and going somewhere. Having a ridge that recahes over toward the trcaks, maybe is even bisected by the tracks, would be a great next step depedning on your plans. The mountain began as an experiment to learn on before I tackle the more formidable mountain that is part of the permanent layout.

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