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Merchants Square Model Train ExhibitThe Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit is one of the most exciting destinations in the Lehigh Valley. The climate-controlled Merchants Square Mall features over 100,000 square feet of specialty shoppes, antiques and collectibles, and plenty of parking space.
The Model Train Exhibit at Merchants Square Mall is one of the most popular things for kids and adults to do in the Lehigh Valley. Regular admissions and WDM Memberships to the museum include the train shows on these days. Lets Talk Trains is affiliated with American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation (APRHF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Recent Comments:APRHF Rail Rangers’ 2016 Excursion Series & Special Announcement, plus more! Should model train shows be produced by for-profit companies instead of the local clubs or historical associations? Lets Talk Trains is affiliated with American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation (APRHF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.Your donations are tax deductible. Erick Pelletier reported on AtlanticRails that the Chemin de fer de Charlevoix (CFC), aka the Charlevoix Railway, has been sold to Groupe le Massif, a businessman who already owns a ski mountain in Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois.
Danny McCracken sent along some photos and information on the Newcomb wreck, which occurred on the Canadian Pacific Railway at Newcomb, NB on April 6, 1956. David Chiasson posted a video from Monday of CN 5357 and 5360 shunting the yard in Bathurst. Bob Liming from South Carolina advised me that the Chaleur is still turning at New Carlisle, due to the washout of November 10.

Since the Grand Bay caboose is soon going to be relocated to Edmundston, I figured I should take a few photos of it.
We also have an in-house auction room, special events showroom and a full service restaurant.
It's the responsibility of the reader to make decisions about information included in the site or links. It left from Nackawic and proceeded to Fredericton, then to Fredericton Junction and on to Saint John with the last of the train cars.The train had CP 8042 and 8036 with 5 cars (2 boxcars, 2 tank cars and 1 gondola of scrap). It seems he will operate a tourist train over the line, while CN will operate the existing freight operation. I don't know much about it except that it was basically a one-commodity railway serving the Springhill coal mines. This must have been NBEC train 402 doing its work, given that it had loaded lumber cars behind the engine.This is a strange sight now but it will become familiar over time!
I think it will look very nice in front of their restored station.The caboose will go to Fredericton tonight, and be in Edmundston by Tuesday night. The mall has long been known for its diverse and unique items that can’t be found anywhere else in the Lehigh Valley. After the disastrous 1956 and 1958 accidents led to the mine closure, the railway limped on until 1962. If you are a collector, just enjoy browsing or are looking for a unique shopping experience, Merchants Square Mall is a must see!  Visit the Merchants Square Mall website.
The rails were lifted in 1964.Ed Jordan was kind enough to send scans of his April 21, 1952 employee timetable.

There was a meet between the East and West bounds and which ever train was moving on the main had a car derail into the side of the stopped train.
The show will feature several running model train layouts, elaborate Lego creations, vendors, videos and consignment tables. If I remember correctly it struck at or near the stopped engine, which would lead me to believe the car came from the East bound as the Westbound engine would be near that switch. Thanks, Ed!Astute readers may remember I won some blank Cumberland Railway train orders back in May of this year.
I was 14 at the time and was interested, so another lad and I headed to the site on our bicycles.
I have 8 pictures, which was probably one roll of film in the little camera I had in those days. Bob Nason's father would have been working there as he was the Section Foreman on the East Line at the time and maybe Bob's brother Bud also. At that time wheat was handled in box cars and it would get inside the car walls and would built up between the inside and outside walls. The more prominent pole line in the photos had multiple cross-arms, and was the Canadian Pacific line. The line on the other side, visible in the top photo, was the Western Union telegraph line from the USA to Sydney, NS.

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