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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. I owned a Powermaster (a US model is pictured), and it served me well for many, many years. These were pretty much just heavily-made autotransformers with (in those days) selenium rectifiers. I was able to get them programmed with the Bachmann base DCC system (E-Z?), but not the Dynamis. Also, I am trying to figure out the configuration for wiring a double cross-over with Bachmann’s reversing loop modules. Even with a strong technical background I haven’t figured out what I need to buy to get sound working in a NOS Aristocraft U25B Santa Fe locomotive. What was a starter set that was just for year-end holiday decor has become a mainline RR.I have a couple of locos, several cars, track and a couple of analog power supplies. It is a three track oval, where one keeps passenger trains to the normal main line and runs freight around the inner goods loop.
From my limited 14 year experience in the hobby there still seems to be some confusion with how DCC works, especially among some of the veterans, and those a€?newbiesa€™ who we desperately need to attract and encourage into model railroading.Although the purists in the hobby might not approve of my following explanation of how DCC works, Ia€™ve written it in very simple terms for everyone to understand.

After all, for this hobby to continue successfully into the 21st Century, we need to encourage youngsters and a€?newbiesa€™ into the hobby, without frightening them off with unnecessarily complicated terminology. When they get comfortable with the basics, theya€™ll hopefully progress to understanding the more intricate stuff.
So here I go with my explanation of a€¦How DCC worksBasically every locomotive operating on the DCC controlled rails will have a small decoder fitted inside. However each loco will have its own unique digital address, and when the digital signal is transmitted along the rails to a specific locomotive, only that loco will respond.
The other locomotives on the layout will ignore any commands for the other loco, and continue operating in accordance with the last instructions that were sent specifically to them. So, if a loco had previously been told to a€?STOPa€?, or if the loco has not been given any instructions since turning on the DCC system, the loco will remain stopped.It is a bit like when you have children a€“ you assign each child a name, and they will (hopefully) respond when their name is called. Data will be sent to a specific decoder instructing it to act upon a command a€“ be it turning on a light, starting an engine, or activating a whistle. The advantage is that the operator can send different commands to each loco by calling up the address number of each loco, just like a parent would call out to each child by name.Operating separate locomotives and accessories at the same timeHence the great benefit of DCC a€“ several locomotives can be operated on the same track, at the same time, just by calling up an address number and issuing specific digital commands. The two locomotives can even be coupled together to pull a heavy load by using a temporary address number.

Both loco motors would be set to be controlled by that one temporary address number.Depending on the system, there is generally an a€?ALL STOPa€™ button on the console or controller in case of an emergency.
A The system can also be used to control train lighting, points, signals, and even a€?on-boarda€™ effects like whistles, horns and chugging sounds.
DCC provides more flexibility and control so increases the variety of possible functions on a model railroad.Thanks Roger for taking the time to write this article and for allowing me to share it with the 10,000 weekly readers to this blog. My DCC sound still works but I have not control of the engine functions until I shut down and reboot. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a reliable DCC decoder or capsule that is under A?100 (USD$150)?

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