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We are happy to advise those just starting in the model railway hobby, as part of our service.
The Hornby track range is a good option for children's layouts - it is inexpensive and works well. Models of American trains are excellent value for money due to the large size of the American market leading to lower production costs.
The Bachmann American range in H0 or N scales forms an excellent entry point for new modellers. For those modelling British trains in 00 scale there is little to choose between the products of Bachmann and Hornby, both work very well.

While aimed at the younger modeller there are some bargains in this range for adult enthusiasts too. If you are intrerested in modeling New Zealand trains then the simplest option is to use H0 models from the Frateschi range. Also, if you cannot see what you need on our site either email your enquiry or telephone us. If you have a quadcopter call us to talk about FPV equipment, we can advise and install FPV on most popular multirotor models.
Come and browse our well-stocked model shop where we have a large selection of model trains, diecast cars and planes, Airfix model kits and railway books.

Established in 1994 the Dockyard Model Shop has become the only specialist model boat shop in the south east. The owner Robert Bright has been a modeller for over 40 years and is always keen to offer help and advice to customers whatever their experience.
We also usually have a good selection of ready built models for sale and are pleased to sell customers boats on a commission basis.

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