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We know you don’t have time to go to as many model train shows as you would like to, and we know how hard it is to fit NMRA layout tours into your schedule, since they're all over the place, and not really near you all that often. Well, with our model train videos you can go on a virtual tour of a large n-scale model railroad with enough intriguing and interesting features to satisfy the most demanding model railroad fanatic. Even if you haven't yet gotten past the main DVD menu, you will be listening to one of the coolest steam locomotives that was ever recorded as it pans from one of your speakers to the other, taking full advantage of speaker separation to give you the feel of the real thing through our out-of-this-world sounds! Everything you love about trains are to be found in this model train video: the neatest sounds, the coolest action, the most thrilling trestle crossings and scenes. Anyway, to aid in your model railroad virtual tour experience, this model train video will do four unique things not found anywhere else.
One unique feature of our model train video full of model railroad eye candy and ear candy if the moving trucks and boats.
You've never seen an N-scale video like this with an N-scale roller coaster made with properly bent N-scale Atlas flex track. Thrill to the steam engines and diesels roaring over high trestles or highballing it through sleepy towns. The riders come to the top of the steep, chain-driven hoist on the Cloud Scraper roller coaster. From PJ Phil's initial hostility towards Snit to launching the Backstreet Boys in Canada, we provide an oral history of 1990s YTV. As Canada celebrates the arrival of refugees, we should also remember the difficulties for LGBTI Syrians. The model railroad will come alive before your eyes and ears and you'll be wanting more, more, more.

There are steam engines, diesels, trolley cars, long trains, short train, passenger trains, and freight trains. Scream as the blind insane mountain clowns catapult each other into the air on their seesaw and watch them come back down again 400 feet farther down the mountain! Hot train action, including lots of switching, and it's narrated in an entertaining style you're sure to enjoy. There are REAL roller coaster sounds and real roller coaster thrills—wait until you see how fast they whip around those curves. Thrill to these clowns jumping off high cliffs and even roller coasters and floating downwards on their parasols. Hot train action, including lots of switching, and narrated in an entertaining style you're sure to enjoy. Because our model train videos have actual real train sounds that were licensed from Green Frog, and because our videos of trains are full of the type of model train action that model railroad hobbyists like best.
TheCloud Scraper roller coaster is actually 480 scale feet tall and it has a working, motorized chain-link lift mechanism.
There are four local railroad clubs that provide the majority of the work and funding for the model train displays. And, finally, it will give you 14 unforgetable minutes of an actual working N-scale model roller coaster built with N-scale track!
The trucks carry all kinds of cargoes, such as baked goods, gravel, coal, lumber, popcorn, pharmaceuticals, and toys.
They jump off montains and even get run over by trains, but somehow they always walk away unscathed and come right back for more!

If you want to avoid the crowds, it is best to avoid this day, especially during the summer months.What to ExpectPick up the Museum brochure on your way in. The boat drivers are much less frantic, taking the scenic nature tours of our lakes, streams, and rivers, as the birds sing all around them. For an additional fee, you can add a discounted San Diego Zoo Best Value ticket.  Also note, the Passport to Balboa Park Pass allows you to watch an IMAX movie at the Science Center. Passport to Balboa Park tickets can be purchased online.Directions from Google Maps to 1649 El Prado in San Diego, CA 92101.
Pass by the parking lots for the Science Museum and at the end of the driveway you will be in the Casa de Balboa parking lot. If this lot and the lots for the Science Museum are full, the next best option is to find street parking or head south on Park Boulevard towards downtown and take a left on Presidents Way where you will find large parking lots. It will take you 20 minutes or so to walk to the Museum.You can also take the free Balboa Park Tram from the large parking lots, which starts near the end of the Presidents Way driveway. If you approach Balboa Park using southbound SR-163, traffic occasionally backs up a little over a mile before reaching the Park Boulevard Exit, which is the same exit for the I-5 northbound. The stop is underneath a pedestrian bridge, which you can take to reach the Casa de Balboa Building along the Pedestrian Mall. The Tram starts at the end of the driveway, on the east side of Presidents Way and circulates every 10 minutes from here to the main circle at the Prado stop, near the Balboa Park Information Center.

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