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Those trees looked great and I need to make some for my newly contructed N gauge LMS Scottish glens and scatered through out the layout. I want everybody to be on alert about buying software on the internet I bought a program called Anyrail,paid 59.00 for it. Let me just add here that living in the US, I tend to lean toward the beloved mountain pines of my childhood, but I do love to also see plenty of others, as well. Excelent job.The most difficult part is finding shrubry that has realistic looking branching.
This is for the person who is having trouble with the AnyRail software he purchased from E-Bay.
The photo shows mixed twine trees of different heights and shapes on a hillside on my Utopia Northern HO layout.Here's how to do it. Weeds like spirea or yarrow can quickly be turned into trees with some ground foam and hair spray. If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below.
Glossary of Model Railroad Jargon Jan 20, 16 01:06 PMA glossary of jargon to explain model railroad terms and definitions. You can also buy evergreen model tree kits from Woodland Scenics, which contains tall flat pine tree stems and a bag of dark green clump-foliage. Lots of model railroading folks and diorama artists have their own favorite ways of making trees. Easily made pine trees See youtube how i make the big number of fast made nice pine trees. Pine Cone Trees (way 2) Well this way looks good but its hard to find an ideal pine cone.
Trees Made with Juniper Snips and Balsa Trunks I use balsa wood carved to the shape of a conifer trunk, then score the trunk liberally with my razor saw to simulate bark.

Have used them since starting 2 years ago on the layout, and in particular our practice module. The trees that you may be able to see in one of the photos are all pre made ones out of the box that are darker ones. Personally if I was going to colour them I'd paint them with spray paint after they have been dipped and dried with the matt medium. I think flaking paint on the trunks here would be an advantage, adding some natural texture and color variation. I am currently doing a coal mine layout but next is going to be an Australian logging layout. I have a collection of various trees just waiting to be placed on a new (first) HO layout, but do want to make more of my own.
We have lovely hardwoods in the north, and here in the south we have lots of pines, as well as the others. My railroad suffers from housecats roaming and some of these cats just use their paws like a golf club and turf the trees out like golf balls.
Some of the trees on the far side of the street in the second picture look much darker than the others, were they colored? I wonder if they could be dyed rather than painted, maybe mixing some gray dye and dunking them in. Lay all the balls alongside one another on the sub-base that you've painted previously with brown latex matte house paint. If you want to get picky, refer to the NMRA data sheet D2a.1 issued April, 1961 called Trees and Shrubs. The material seems like it would absorb color well, as opposed to paint that may flake off or chip. I have seen other programs that looked to have more bells and whistles, but this one has a pretty good bang for the buck.

I am a 78-year old woman, and just beginning, along with my husband, to look forward to many years of modeling! There are many excellent articles on making trees that you'll find in the magazines and on the Internet.Here are a few of my quickie cheapies. These are the ones that I have devoted my time to creating since Christmas and in just a few weeks I have found so many different meathods of creating the foliage.
Thet also gave me two web sites which did not work.They told me that their hands were tied and subjested that I buy it again. Problem, with so much, what do you start with, track, or place everything out and build tract to fit. Other foreground trees are available from Woodland Scenics and other manufacturers who provide white metal branches that can be bent to shape.
Taking a chance on another 59.00 money is hard to come by these days just to throw out the window. MR is now also available in digital format.Their technique involves using the black polyfiber that MicroMark sells, dipping chunks in thinned white glue, rolling the clumps in green shades of Woodland Scenics green foam foliage, and then teasing the clumps apart when dry until you have a pleasing shape.
Rotate the armature assembly until you have the branches well covered.Catch the extra foam in the box so you can use it again.
For example, you could put an N scale house up on a hill in an HO scale layout, so that it looks, when viewed at eye level, like the house is much farther away than it really is. If you like, you can drill a larger hole and insert a painted wooden dowel to serve as a trunk, although I think the tree looks fine sitting directly on the ground without the trunk in most situations. You can add a very light sprinkle of brown or tan ground foam to a few of the branch ends to simulate dried leaves.You could also collect a bunch of dried leaves from your back yard, mulch them in an old coffee grinder, and use the mulched leaves to sprinkle around the ground of your bare trees to simulate the leaves that have fallen.

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