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You can use turntables, wyes or reversing tracks as a way of turning your trains around (without having to manually lift them up off the tracks). One way to do this is by sitting down with paper and pencil (I emphasize pencil here) and just start drawing some ideas, based on the concept of your railroad that you have decided on in the previous sections of this site (the "Design page 1"). If you know what structures you will be using, you can include them in your planning at this time and see how the trains interact with the buildings as well as the terrain. Track planning is essential if you are a beginning model railroader or you own a train set with a simple oval of track and you now want to expand to a more interesting level of operation. HO is the most popular scale and provides us with the greatest range of equipment for modeling this period. Plywood is the most popular material to use when building a table top layout and is readily available at most lumber supply stores. Now that we have defined the type of railroad and ita€™s specifications it is time to make a drawing of the track layout. To, Ivor: You may consider a folded dogbone figure 8 track plan for your 4 foot by 8 foot layout. If you can’t find downloads for templates, just take an actual turnout, crossover, etc, put it on a copier and copy it.
What a great idea I will use this when I start building my new garden railway and ofcourse when my wife and I rebuild our Nscale layout. I did this when doing my track, you can get all guages of Peco track from their website just print the piece you need, then you have the codes as well. I think it’s a great idea and I am in the process of using it for my own first layout in Nscale.
I was just wondering since I don’t have all the track, is there a place I can go to get switches in exact scall to use for the template and radiouses?
I would never have thought of doing it that way myself, very good idea specially for anybody planning a new layout or someone starting out in this fantastic hobby of ours. Careful judging your curves just by snipping the sides of a photocopy of a straight bit and bending it round.
Be careful using plans from a different scale – remember your body and hands, and materials like ply or chipboard will stay the same size so access holes and clearances at rail-over-rail bridges etc may have to be amended. If you have a computer, an easier way to plan a layout in any scale from Z to G is to Google SCARM and download the free program. Alternately Hornby used to do a kit and stencil for drawing it out, no longer produced, but occasionally on Ebay ..
I did the same thing using RailModller Pro (for Mac)… alas I made changes during the building and ended up with more pieces of spare track than planned… but I can always expand the layout at some point. Pin Model Railroad Track Planning Software Layout Plans O N Ho Scale G picture to pinterest.
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The Mine Run offers opportunity for big scenery and operation without consuming an entire room. A model railroad doesn't have to be huge or take over an entire room to provide a lot of modeling and operating fun. In a scene very much like one which could be found on this railroad, a Russian Decapod steam locomotive (Bachmann) drills hoppers at the mine (Walthers New River Mine with added details.). Uncoupling magnets on the sidings would also make switching easier.Freight cars would obviously include mostly hoppers if you choose the coal mine theme.
Building a small layout will increase your modeling skills and, properly designed, can be expanded at a later time. Many of them operated on a very tight budget and often purchased older locomotives and cars from class 1 railroads. Locomotives, freight and passenger cars of the early 20th century are readily available and can be easily modified and weathered to accurately represent this era. Before drawing everything in detail, make a rough sketch of your ideas for track placement.
Even if the copy isn’t focused and beautiful, it will still give you the size and shape you need. How-ever to improve, if one makes small holes detween the two rails, down the center of the template. Since I was going to use my existing PECO tracks I simply photocopied the set pieces so that I also had exact replicas of turnouts etc. But I may be old fashioned but it all seems a lot of work and still prefer a nice large sheet of paper lined out in foot squares.
Also that some plans may involve 1st radius curves which many modern locos don’t like. You will always be over-optimistic about what you can fit in, and your eye will tend to smooth out any kinks you’re putting in because it expects to see a curve. One way to maximize your hobby enjoyment while minimizing its footprint is to build along the walls of a room. The New River Mining kit from Walthers is a popular model and is shown for the large mine at the end of the branch. Installing a tunnel in the corner would help hide the sharp curve and grade and make the run feel longer.

To begin, we will create a track plan incorporating our own desired operating characteristics. It was not unusual at all to see wooden passenger cars from the late 1800a€™s following behind a 4-4-0 or 2-6-0 steamer.
Once you decide on an arrangement that you like, draw it to scale and make sure everything fits properly.
Connect the curves with the straight track sections, draw the crossover, add the tracks to the industries and draw scale outlines of the actual industries you have chosen to install. That’s not a real big issue until you have several back-to-back, then there are several inches to account for!
This simple plan uses a two-foot wide shelf along two walls of a 10 x 12 foot room to recreate a mountain branch line.The layout would fit nicely in a spare bedroom, allowing plenty of room for additional furniture for a home office, guest room, home gym or any other hobby.
You'll want several removable coal loads to simulate the loads-out empties-on operations of the mines. The plan can be selected from a large variety which is available from books and magazines or can be custom designed by the modeler. Simple background forests would occupy a lot of the space however.Operations and Rolling StockThis line could be branch line of a larger railroad or its own short line. Another common practice is to select a published track plan and modify it for your own use.
I have always used flexi track and the only parts of it which are set to shape would be the points and crossovers.
Keep the tracks at the mine sidings and interchange level however to prevent cars from rolling once spotted. To avoid having to reach into the scene, or simply to hide out-of-scale switch throws, you could also install switch motors under the platform.As the entire railroad would be one operational block, conventional or DCC systems could both be used to power the line. For the purpose of this discussion, we will assume that we are starting with nothing and will develop our own plan.
I find this old fashioned method much quicker than fiddling around on the computer for hours or even days. The steepest part of the grade could be hidden in a tunnel in the corner.TrackThis trackplan is designed around standard track sections, but you could also substitute flex track. A DCC system would allow you to easily add a second locomotive to entertain a second operator or just make your own operations easier.A power bus with feeders to the many sidings will allow reliable operations through the many switches.
For steam locomotives, a small consolidation or even a geared steam engine would be a logical choice. After reading layout design and careful consideration, we have selected a scale (HO) and discovered a location where we can put a 4a€™ x 8a€™ layout. The idea is to establish a procedure to make sure the various track and structure components fit the space before construction begins.
A system which allows walk-around mobility would greatly improve your enjoyment of this narrow but long platform, keeping you close to the operations. Locomotives like an Alco RS-1, EMD Geep, or even a BL-2 would be appropriate from the late transition era to today.
And the nice mountain scenery will be a great backdrop for whatever activities you choose for the rest of the room.

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