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Scratchbuilding (making model buildings from scratch) is the art of creating structures or other models out of raw materials a€“ sheets or strips of plastic or wood, glue, paper, cardboard, etc. ScratchbuildingTo cut styrene to make substructure walls for your model building, use a metal straightedge and a scribing tool.
To make window and door openings, first draw on the styrene where you want these to be, extending the lines to the edges of the styrene on both sides. Putting it all togetherAfter you've installed the windows and doors, you're ready to glue the walls together.

It's extremely helpful for all your model building to use a magnetic gluing jig such as the one cataloged by Micro-Mark. DetailsDon't forget to add details like chimneys, roof vents, eaves, awnings, flower boxes, window air conditioners, gutters and downspouts, trash cans, lamps, decals, people and pets, etc. Much less work!" - from Russ VenlosOnce the substructure walls are completed, you can glue on a trimmed sheet of purchased embossed vinyl or plastic masonry or siding (produced by Plastruct, Kibri and others). DiMaggio - Many model railroaders like to design their own buildings on computer and then use a laser cutting service to create the parts according to their specifications.

Laserboard is also becoming popular now as a more realistic material to use in scratchbuilding structures.

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