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Because of non-railroad abuse of the site, new members MUST use their first names (at least) to join NO EXCEPTIONS! Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser. Model Rail Forum antiophthalmic factor site red-hot on news and reviews merely Kits & Models moldable Kits Plastic Model Kits United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Plastic Aircraft Model model railroad kits forum. Close-up view of leeds and northrup strip chart recorders used to indicate power usage on certain portions of the system. Title: Close-up view of leeds and northrup strip chart recorders used to indicate power usage on certain portions of the system. Photographs--All photographs are printed from digital files to preserve the fragile originals. I am not going to replace the switches with Tortise machines and I really need to have individual push buttons in the paths that the locos will follow. If I understand your schematic correctly I see short circuit when the switches are pressed.

If you are trying to control more than a few Atlas switch machines, the CD supply is needed to give you a big enough burst of energy to throw them all at once. Once the turnouts are thrown, is there someway to tell which route is selected (besides looking at the turnout points)? The Atlas Deluxe Under Table twin coil switch machines (model #66) or equivalent have additional contacts to use for LEDs to indicate the position of the turnout points. A side benefit is that it will also prevent switch machine melt-downs if a push button is stuck on or leaned against.
A problem with pushbutton control is that without some extra circuitry and LEDs (or lamps) you can't tell, from a control panel, what the selected routes are. After examining this briefly (device 751D), I am convinced the circuit is of excellent design. An added advantage of using DC power is the ability to put a diode across the coils so as to absorb the high voltage back EMF generated by the coils (often it is this back EMF that causes arcing in the switch, resulting in the fusing of the contacts). PORTAL FRONT PAGE measure FORUM power foliate WHAT’S HOT ON EBAY newly art gallery place YOUR PICTURES Change font size.

MERG pose Electronic railroad radical is an international UK based by our forum and email discussion groups and by a program of meetings and visits.
Our local alternative weekly report did vitamin A nice article on model railroading & craftsman kits. This assembly is directed at all framework railroaders and contains general topics that bear on to framework railroading model railroad kits forum. In addition, his circuit provides for remote connection of LEDs to indicate the position of the points on the turnout.
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