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The famous Canadian Pacific Railway, its trains, high mountain and long flat prairie routes that cross Canada from Vancouver to Montreal is know throughout the world. The railway was originally built between Eastern Canada and British Columbia between 1881 and 1885. In 1949 8x A and 4 x B Alco FA1 road locomotives were introduced along with 5 RS-2 road switchers. If you drive through the Rockie Mountains in Canada from Vancouver to Calgary via Banff you drive by a pleasant town called Revelstoke.
You can buy toy trains of it's rolling stock and drive its Locomotives in Microsoft's Train Simulator. It is now primarily a freight railway but the CPR was for many many years the only practical way of crossing the many provinces of Canada.

In the early years the CPR's steam locomotives were American 4-4-0 and they also used the 4-6-0 and 2-8-0 locomotives especially in the mountains.
Turn off the Trans-Canadian Highway number one and treat yourself to an hour walking around the new and old railway rolling stock of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP Rail). 100 years ago they used 4-62 pacific trains and 4-6-4 Hudson locomotives which were used both for freight and passenger trains.
CPR's trains are now built by General Motor Diesel, Montreal Locomotive Works and Canadian Locomotive Company. 1929 was the year CPR got its hands on the first 2-10-4 Selkirk Steam Locomotive, the largest steam trains to run in Canada. Rolling Stock includes CP437477, CP421237, CP404116, CP400573, CP402811, CP401027, CP4, CP404944, CP404141, CP 404797, CP400823.

There is information about the golden spike the last rail spike that linked and completed the Trans Canadian Railway. It is situated by the side of the railway so there is a great atmosphere looking at the static exhibits whilst the long freight trains rumble past just 50 yards away.

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