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Lighted billboards are another great way to add lighting effects for realism and excitement to your night scenes. A great way to add realism to a fire scene or accident scene on your layout is to add police, rescue and fire emergency vehicles with flashing beacons that grab your attention. The train room is located on the 3rd floor of our house, it was an attic converted by the previous owners into a fully built out room with AC and carpet. My layout had been in the planning stages for over two years, and is not the original plan as it has evolved over time and many hours of research have proven a plus in the "final" plan. While I am currently about 95% completed with the track for the lower deck and the around the walls section leading up to the upper deck the track plan has been completed for that section of the layout.
For a detailed description of my Roundhouse Renovations Project click the link to Roundhouse Renovation Project.
January 12, 2009 ~ The first issue of the Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine hit the Internet on Saturday, January 10, 2009 with rave reviews. Please see my Piedmont Division You Tube account to view the latest videos of the layout and rail fanning.
This video of the Southern #6133 FP-7 cab ride has over 27,000 views and is a favorite of many. I would like to point out many of the positive influences that have assisted me in creating the current incarnation of my model railroad layout.
My grandfather, Mafflin Christoffel (1917-1990) who first introduced me to HO scale model railroading when I was just a little tike coming down the pike. My parents, Joe and Martha Boudreaux, who gave me an HO scale railroad, set for Christmas one year in my pre-teen days.
All the Model Railroader Forum members who unselfishly give of their time and knowledge to impart skill and techniques to building improved layouts, models, operations, designs, and camaraderie.

All the Model Railroader Forum members that frequent the Coffee Shop (a place to talk) since 2004, which is now entitled Elliot's Trackside Diner. Last but not least I want to thank my wife Monique and my son Benjamin from whom I get my current inspiration, energy, fuel, and support to continue in this hobby. It's taken quite a while but last night I finished the prepping of my small layout space with the completion of the backdrop and lighting.
You are very wise to take care of the backdrop, lighting, and valance before starting the rest of the layout. The layout will be a California based agricultural (mostly citrus based) region served by a short line that I was around as a kid.
Do as i say not as i do.This is the hardest thing to do, paint backdrop first and not put track down and run trains. Plan your small railroad for operation rather than as a race track, and build it with care. I use 3rd PlanIt track planning software to design the layout plans, and I have been using it for about 5 years now, I find it a useful tool in creating accurate scale drawings. January 31, 2009 ~ My first attempt at weathering rolling stock using acrylic and enamel paints, Bragdon weathering powders and Testors Dullcoat. In fact, the new online green magazine has had so much response that the servers were getting hit so heavily that the site went down at intervals and MRH staff are switching to a more robust hosting service to fulfill the requirements. It was the carpet floor model, but my dad soon recognized that it needed to be lifted up and soon I assisted him with my first real layout back in the 1970's.
We had a lift up bridge and it was mostly just running trains around, with little switching. The Visalia Electric, in whose backyard I grew up, served packing houses on the edge of the Sierras and was owned by the Southern Pacific.

I am Ryan Boudreaux, and I hope you enjoy viewing these web pages as I continue to update them on the progressA of my HO scale model railroad and layout.
The plans can be rendered in 3D as well; this helps in the creativity and building stages, and is a great guideline when it comes time to actually build out the benchwork, roadbed, track, etc. I have learned more since the initial plan was made, and want have incorporated that into the upper level plan. After accessing the Gallery Intro page, click the Main Gallery link to view the photos page.
The hopper is an Accurail kit and it took about 4 hours from initial kit building to finishing up the weathering. This layout was dismantled after I moved out of the house and attended college at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA. I have advanced the timeline somewhat and will be using mostly Southern Pacific equipment but the theme will be also expanded to include a smattering of California agricultural themes. I also print out the 1:1 drawings and use them as templates when cutting sub-roadbed and laying down roadbed and track, a very helpful tool! The original photos page was getting too large with over 150 images, therefore it has been expanded to include separate photos in three month increments. This is an Airslide Center Flow (ACF) Kansas City Southern (KCS) hopper that was put into service in 1994 and is showing it's 15 years of use on the rails.

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