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Locomotives 2509 and 911 round the curve struggling up the grade by Hoovertown with Misti mountain in the distance. The July 1952 Model Railroader had an article on building the flour mill that was in Mifflinburg,PA.
ShareThisI'll use this blog to show scenes from the layout, unfinished as it is, along with various scenery projects.
In the places I couldn't bend the strip tightly enough to reach holes, I looped the strip more loosely which holds it clear of the board, allowing some light to filter through those holes.
I like to weather with oils but they take so long to dry I lose interest in the project while waiting for them. I made a couple of trips to Russia and have friends in Ivanovo, I have other friends from Ivanovo who now live in the US. ShareThisHere's the MRH booth at the Amherst Show in Springfield, MA this weekend before the crowds started pouring in.
Originally, I had planned to use hardboard for the valances on my layout, but the more I thought about it, the more I like the idea of cloth valances.

You can take them down and wash them and then reinstall them to keep the layout looking tidy. I have no practical experience with cloth valances but gave serious thought to the option during my design phase.
Seems like a great idea, depending on how you design other things into the layout such as the lighting.
Another benefit to a cloth valance is it may also deaden noise some, whereas hardboard would just reflect sound.
One idea to counter problems posed by heat from your lights would be to space the valance off from the top wall providing an air gap for heat to escape. If velco was attached to the valance and a short support placed on the ceiling, it would be easy to remove to clean or work on the layout.
Please show us a video of a train running the Bakery Line :-)) looking forward to more pictures of your beautiful layout. For me the fact that eventually removed cloth as an option was the inability to mount anything substantial to it.

The hotel told us we had to use fire resistant skirting and then proceeded to supply us with some (in black of course!), which they let us keep I don't know where hotels get the stuff nor how expensive it is but it would be worth the effort to find out.
My wife and I once took a ride up to Mifflinburg to try to find it, but were told that it had finally been torn down. I didn't have room to make use of three door across the front, but I prefer the two anyway. You can see a few splashes of acrylic on it, but I plan to go with oils, pending a few tests on some off-cuts.
Way down the road I want to mount a valance following track on narrow shelf near the ceiling for the Lionel train my wife gave me on Christmas that started my whole model railroading experience. I did do a lot of artwork for a prototype Budd car for the Superchief back when I lived in Santa Fe.

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