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Black #433 0-6-0 steam locomotive and Pennsylvania coal tender - approximately 9 inches in length. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member.
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I'm interested in making models of the LRVs in use in the Twin Cities; anyone happen to have technical profile drawings of the LRVs with dimensions that I can use as reference so I can get the proper proportions? Found this on a Metro Transit infographic, which might be of use assuming I can get a dimension off of the real thing to scale off of. I don't have a schematic, but I seem to recall from previous discussions here that the LRVs are 94' long.

I have a few .pdfs saved showing revised livery designs that are vector based, so they are pretty detailed.
The problem with being an introvert online is that no one knows you're just hanging out and listening. In the past I've been into trains much more via photography, but, with two kids, and a third on the way, enjoying them at home is a nice option. I'm sure it's simply because I grew up with a house full of N scale, but HO is just so HUGE.
I was pretty big into it as well (all my rolling stock is late 90s BNSFish), up until I graduated HS and went off to college and found myself 450 miles from his basement. Not sure if that carries over to the transit-oriented stuff (that's more popular in Japan, where N scale is dominant).

As luck would have it, my folks moved to S MPLS this summer after retirement and one stipulation of their new house was a layout-ready basement. And now that I've got a son of my own, it'll be a real joy to teach him all about trains at Grandpa's house. So I have been out of the loop for 15 (wow, that long?) years now, but at the time I distinctly recall the quality and quantity of N scale rolling stock getting measurably better. N scale will always have oversized rails and couplers, but a skilled modeler can minimize those issues and take advantage of all the additional space to do some amazing things.Man, this thread is making me excited to get back into model railroading with my dad.

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