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The layers are painted all over the surfaces with glue and flocked with various natural shades of green, brown and yellow. Model Use and Details: This model was used to help plan and visualize different levels, planting colors, and location.
After much experimentation over the years, KiwiMill settled on a method that captures the essence of this particular landscape.
When placed on a site model they represent small-scale wooded areas with depth and lushness.

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Some of the elements shown are sculptures, stairs, retaining walls, planting beds with different types of plants, balistrades, water features, etc. Interestingly, it does not involve planting hundreds of individual model trees close together. Depending on the over-all scale of the model, these sculpted pieces are layered on top of each other.

No matter how tightly placed the trees, this method still lets in too much light – not realistic looking for a densely wooded area.

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