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We only sell new items that are guaranteed to be authentic and have been doing so for over 15 years.
All rights are reserved and no information may be copied from this site without written permission. In the world of the NINE SKIES, MONSTER BARRETTA came from Plutonian River and has the almighty power to fight against gods in the celestial sphere, he’s huge as a mountain and fast as the thunder, frightened gods with six strong arms and five theurgic weapons hold in hands. In the ancient time, once the leader of YEAN and his army tried to defeat MONSTER BARRETTA, but they failed and were wiped out in a flash. A huge scale model among the works of PKKING(almost the same with Kirin), the best part of this big toy is the weapons he hold in hands are really awesome! The size ratio of Monster Barretta and the warrior against him, you can realize how big Monster Barretta is, and also how exquisite the kits are. Back view of Monster Barretta, wings, weapons, armors and the tail(still with a weapon on it) show his strength and power.
A close view of the armors on his legs, gradation of the scales is excellent, and it must be a hard task to paint like that!

After making a deal with Dark Fox, Yan Ji obtained the ability of Dark Fire, and she ruled YEAN with NEI Long after they became imperial kinsman and kinswomen.
No one can survive from the hunting of Dark Fox, the spirits of human beings are his delicious dishes, and YEAN was gradually close to extinction due to their dominion. STURGEON-KING is the goblin living in the water, and she worked together with XIAOSHAN to save the citizens in the Waterland from the water-dragon’s slaughter.
In the world view of The Balance Of Nine Skies, there are good and bad goblins, some of them endanger the world, others make deals with human beings to help them survive from wars and strike the balance for the Nine Skies. STURGEON-KING was the good one willing to help XIAOSHAN, as her friend she made a deal with XIAOSHAN to save the Waterland. Model Ship Kits, Wooden Ship Model kits, Ship modeling books, tools and supplies at discount prices! We also carry an excellent selection of miniature hobby tools, fittings, and ship modeling books.
We have helped literally thousands of folks get started in the hobby of model ship building over the last 12 years.

After decades, the leader of YEAN came to life with the Kirin and seal MONSTER BARRETTA back in Plutonian River. These combos contain all that is needed to complete a beautiful model ship, including tools, finishing supplies and books.
If you would like to purchase the pre-painted version please contact us for more information. We highly recommend that if you would like to get started in model ship building that you choose on of these.

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