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Yankee Barn Homes, like several other pre-fab, post and beam home builders in North America, offers a unique opportunity to experience their homes up close and personally. Finding the right land to build your home on is perhaps the most difficult part of the process. Once you make the initial deposit, Yankee Barn supplies you with custom plans built to your specifications and helps you through the town building permit process. Getting back to our story, my wife and I have loved Yankee Barn’s home designs ever since we were kids. The practice of allowing prospective clients into a model home is an excellent way to help home buying prospects progress through the buying process.
I hear it gets difficult to find a time to stay over at the Yankee Barn model home in Grantham, NH during the summer, but we stayed there this last winter and got to wake up to the snow falling in the morning. As to cost, I think that it’s fair to say that you should expect to spend anywhere from $175 to $225 per square foot for the home alone.
9 months later – This price range was ultimately out of our budget when everything was factored in, yet one of our favorite memories of this year was going up to the model home and simply enjoying the experience and what Yankee Barn Homes has been able to create. Then we picked a Dorcet model because they offered a great deal and was just what we needed to make us jump on a sale. I signed an agreement with Yankee Barn Homes… but is Yankee Barn Homes solid or will they go belly up again? There are serious structural issues, and outside light and air penetrating in from the sides and roof. However the Yankee Barn Homes Company did send me Boxes of roof tape, foam, caulking, and screws to finish putting it together myself, making it a DYI project (surprised that they didn’t send me a fisher price hammer too). Right now Mike at Yankee Post and Beam is working to assure me ,that things are going to be ok, and that they might even be better with the new company improving on the the building design & techinques and possibly by the time our home goes into production those improvements will be implimented. My interests lie with providing readers with useful information – that includes all relevant sides of a story.
Also, the marketing manager of the new Yankee Post & Beam company contacted me this afternoon.
I believe their marketing person’s name is lauren, she is a very sweet women,and also very knowledgable on the building processes . I apologize, everyone, I had replied yesterday to Scott but I realize now that my response was not published. If anyone else is interested in learning more about Yankee Post & Beam feel free to visit our website or give us a call.
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As you progress through the pre-fab home buying process and speak with a number of different vendors, the next step is to visit the factory, or see one of their model homes. Prior to this visit, Andrew at Yankee Barn helped us understand the complete sale and building process.

Yankee Barn was very forthcoming and up front about the cost of their post and beam barn homes. Once we decided that Yankee Barn’s home designs were our favorites, we gladly took Andrew up on his offer to stay a night in the Yankee Barn model home in Grantham, New Hampshire. It separates those who might be mildly interested from those who are willing to go further and put time into making the sale work. This cost varies depending on the level and quality of finish, mainly in three areas – the fireplace, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. If we ever have the budget to build in the future, you better believe that Yankee Barn Homes is who we’re going to be calling.
I wrote this when they were still under the old ownership, so I can’t speak for the new Yankee Post and Beam company.
The customer would never know that your Yankee barn home is getting hacked together or not unless you have building experience. There is over 100 hours and counting to make it right, as they can as some things cannot be fixed without taking the house apart. They are going to get one last chance to make good on what can be fixed, and they have been requested to reimburse us for the cost to finish what they started. Since your comments are public and can be read by anyone, the company in question should get an opportunity to address your concerns. Mike seems like a very stand up guy with a lot of experience in building as well, so maybe they will chime in and express for everyone else reading the blog about the company take over and what it means to prospective buyers.
I found their estimates to be pretty accurate, though cost overruns can occur and should be planned for, especially with difficult terrain. He answered all of our questions and gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision.
I do hope to add a second post in the future that details the start to finish experience of someone who is building their own post and beam house. This was suppose to be my dream house, and is nerve rattling to put everything on the line and trust that it’s all going to work out, and the company will be there to make it right on the day of completion and still be alive to stand behind what you invested in for your future. We took their refered builder and if you have an issue it becomes a conflict of interest with the builder and the company since they are in bed together, and you’re the outsider.
Mike and his assistant also invited us out to see a beautiful previously built post and beam in Orford Nh.
Features movable blade, retractable stands, movable arms & tipping bucket, rotating cab.
I guess that’s possible in some states from way back when, but I wonder how one would go about titling it now?
There are hundreds of Yankee Barn Homes across the country and they have done an excellent job of collecting the best designs into concise, useful brochures. Much of your cost comes by your finishing costs in areas like the fireplace, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Thankfully, Yankee Barn works with several contractors located in geographic areas spread across the US.
If they keep the old employees, that would be a wonderful thing, as we were very impressed with their professionalism and courtesy. This is the 3rd home I have seen from YPB and there is a fourth one in the area going up right now in Campton which we hope to also see in the building process.
This is a very useful story for anyone researching post and beam prefab houses – thanks for sharing it. When the house is finished and all is well, please send me another note – it would be of interest to many people to hear a first-person account of the process from decision to the first home-cooked meal! We are very proud of our staff who are extremely talented in both design and craftsmanship of post and beam homes. They have each put up a number of Yankee Barn homes and can help save the new owners money and time. There was privacy in nooks, balconies, and a massive great room that opened up to several other areas in the house. Your Project Manager, will be in touch with you, and of course, feel free to contact him if you have any concerns or questions. The car is located in Houston, Texas and is up for auction here on eBay, where no reserve bidding is up to $1,500. This is one of the later Model T’s, so as far as refinements go (not very far) this could be one of the better ones, although personally I think the brass components on the early cars are what set them off visually.
Still had everything original on it, down to the Plymouth decals on the side and window sticker. More believable if it were a 1909, the first year, rather than a 1926, the next to last year for Model T’s. If it really had never been titled how did it get so beat up and looking so used?Check the engine number against the frame number for a match. If the engine were original the pad on the block where the number is stamped should have the original cast finish, not a machined look to it. Most Ford plants had their own serial numbering systems, which varied from engine block to transmission case to random places on the frame.
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