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This miniature toy box and the tiny miniature toys that go in it are handmade one-of-a-kind miniatures by D.K. Most of the miniature toys have been aged to resemble vintage miniature toys or antique miniature toys.
One favorite piece of everyone who looks at the set is the miniature cat basket, hand-sculptured of polymer clay. Another special piece is the feathered Indian headdress, or chieftain's headdress, and tomahawk toy. Finally, there are four miniature games: Chess, Mancala, Snakes-and-Ladders, and a made-up game, Sherlock. One other toy that I should mention is the funny little miniature Humpty Dumpty, which will probably sell separately. I absolutely adore how each little piece is it’s own part of an intricate scene that you can create and change to your liking. Best known as a British design icon in the 1960s, the original Mini car broke all the traditional methods of car construction by incorporating a front wheel drive layout to create greater cabin space.
Este pequeño perrito llamado Poodle Mini Toy es una miniatura de su raza original, la Caniche o Poodle. Estos mini perros están considerados animales ideales para nobles o personas con altos rangos, gente con clase y elegancia igual que este perro. Para tener a este animal bien hay que utilizar un adiestramiento canino que se base solo en lo positivo, premiando aquello que haga bien, pues que no se le puede gritar ya que el perro nos replicara con sus ladridos cada vez más fuertes.
Por supuesto el Poodle Mini Toy es tan pequeño y manejable que puede estar en cualquier tipo de espacio.
The tiny Siamese cat lies curled up, sleeping, atop a cream-colored or antique-white blanket that forms the lid of the basket.
These tiny, miniature toy soldiers wear tall black hats, like the fur hats worn by the soldiers that guard Buckingham Palace.
The box covers are of my own graphic design, reproduced in tiny miniature, so that there is no copyright violation here. Admittedly, I would probably lose half my pieces within 24 hours, but I still think these miniature toys are mind-blowing! The brand was eventually sold to German car maker BMW who launched the new much larger MINI in 2000.

Pero hay algo que debéis tener en cuenta a la hora de optar por esta raza y es que ladra mucho. Es imprescindible que tenga a mano muchos juguetes masticables para que no descargue su ira en tus objetos personales. Es decir,puede vivir felizmente en un apartamento sin necesitar tanto espacio como uno de mayor tamaño, aunque por supuesto necesita salir y estirar sus patas para ejercitarse.
One is a tiny miniature baby doll in a blue baby blanket or bunting, about one-half inch long, hand sculptured of polymer clay and hand-painted. He is dressed in traditional jester attire: red cap with bells, blue puffy britches and curled up shoes.
The miniature antique-gold-colored basket is just one-half inches in diameter at it's widest point. In 2011 Golden Bear won a licence to make a series of Go MINI toys under their GB Toys brand. Another miniature doll, also of polymer clay, is made to look like a porcelain lady doll (poly-clay) in a long, deep rose dress, 19th-century style.
The tiny miniature feathers have been hand-painted on the whole piece, with the back edge cut to resemble feather ends. There is no detail in the face and the detail of the soldiers is rather crude, but they look wonderful standing side by side. The stick is real wood, painted blue and carefully distressed to look aged, just like a real vintage stick-horse, but standing only as tall as a toothpick!
Of course, my original box designs were only about 4 inches wide, and the graphics were hand-painted and hand-lettered, so they have an original look to them, even the reproductions ~ they don't quite reach machine-made perfection!
I painted him to look kind of like an old fashioned Humpty Dumpty that you might see in Mother Goose. These feature many models of this popular vehicle.The fantastic Go MINI cars come in two different selections - Freestylers and Stunt Racers.
An imitation leather placket or ear piece (paper) has been added on both sides, with two additional feathers sewn loosely over each one, so that the feathers dangle.
I do plan to produce more copies of these same games, but each one is hand-detailed to perfection: cut, folded, and glued over miniature craft-wood pieces, with any raw paper edges trimmed, sanded and hand-painted to fill in color as needed. It is inspired by the old antique toy chests that are crudely made of thick, hand-hewn chunks of wood.

There's a miniature toy drum , made of polymer clay, covered with paper and hand-painted red with brown shadows.
Snakes and Ladders didn't seem to be colored brightly enough, so I repainted it to make a red background around the design by hand. The wood has been carefully distressed by the artist to give it that aged dark brown, almost buttery look of old wood. The tiny, miniature red top toy is barely over a quarter of an inch tall and really has string wrapped around it! The amazing Stunt Racers can each perform a spectacular action - watch as BITE does wheelies, or REBEL does some awesome swerves.All of the Go MINI cars can also be launched from the fantastic Stunt Launcher. It looks like the wonderful old toy chest that your grandfather made by hand, cherished and passed down through the family as an heirloom. The pretty miniature toy ball is made of polymer clay and hand-painted with a vintage look in patriotic red, antique white, and blue. He's 100 percent hand-sculptured and hand-detailed ~ even down to little pin-pricks in the clay to give it a fur texture. The big miniature rag doll is about the same size as the jester, so she would be very large, for a dollhouse child ~ almost lifesize, in fact. Front and center of the lid of the toy box (not shown), has been distressed to look as if children have sat on the box, and played with it for several generations.
The lid is hinged onto the toy chest by two imitation leather straps, (really paper) and look as if they really have tiny nails in them. Theoretically, the wheels really turn, though the uneven axles make them stick when they turn. They are remarkable only in that they are so tiny, and are handmade OOAK miniatures, not reproductions.

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