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This world is inhabited by hundreds if not thousands of people, each of which is an occupation. Someone is playing football at the stadium, someone is a fan of his favorites in the stands, someone with a broom and shovel removes the street, someone unloads a car drove up to the store, someone removes the television program on the streets of the city, who- it paints a picture in the alley artists.
What we really love is that the detail to some of the scenes makes them barely distinguishable from the scenes of the real world filmed in that amazing tilt-shift video we featured a while back.
Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. Welcome to the world's largest model railroad, in which the whole of human life is faithfully recreated in miniature. The Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg boasts more than 39,000 feet of tracks, on which 890 trains travel across a quarter of an acre of land. And there is much more to the intricate creation than railway lines, with carefully crafted party-goers, lovers and mourners at a funeral making their way around the tiny planet.
German mountain range the Harz and the Wonderland's host city of Hamburg also appear on the landscape, with France, England, Africa and Italy to come. America is smaller than Hamburg in the design, but is packed with famous sights, including a Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Yosemite Park and Cape Canaveral.
In Scandinavia, the meticulous detail extends to a northern Baltic Sea filled with 33,000 litres of running water, in which low and high tide are simulated every 30 minutes.
The busy little miscrocosm contains more than 300,000 lights, 215,000 trees, 3,000 buildings and 200,000 human figurines - a bigger population than some major cities. The artists have allowed their imagination to really run riot in a fake city called Knuffingen, containing model policemen and firemen with working engines and sirens.
The madcap mini-world even features figurines having sex in a field of sunflowers, being chased by UFOs, breathing fire, bench-pressing cows, picking up hookers and riding in giant bee-machines.

The model world has taken 500,000 hours to build, but is only half complete, with its talented creators expecting to finish it in 2020. This site contains materials from other clearly stated media sources for the purpose of discussion stimulation and content enrichment among our members only. Written by eddie in Travel +12 Tweet1 Share1 PinTotal Shares 4In May 2011, the Knuffingen Airport at the Miniatur Wunderland (German for Miniature Wonderland) was completed and is currently the world’s largest model airport. The model railway consists of seven sections: Harz (fictitious city of Knuffingen), Hamburg, Scandinavia, Switzerland, the Alps and Austria, and America. The Miniatur Wunderland is a long term project and new sections are added every year with completion expected in 2020. But this is not an order for the masters who have created a miniature world of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg. In addition there are innumerable cameo scenes that bring the model to life, such as radar traps for speeding cars, arson, and people having sex in a visitor-operated rocking van.
The made-up, miniature city of Knuffingen is so real even has its own website, while Miwula TV reports events that happen in miniature world! The model incorporates 335,000 lights for when the fake night descends; it is powered by 46 computers, and takes 230 staff to run it. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV. When the entire exhibit is completed, the floor space will be 10,000 m2 while the exhibit will take up over 2,300 m2 of space. Required fields are marked *Comment Comment Rules: Keep it civil, and please do not use your site URL in either your name or the comment text.

This new version of the world covers an easily navigable area of just 1,300 square metres, and what’s more it is all amazing. Conceived in 2000, it has thus far taken 580,000 work hours to build, but its creators, twin brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun, plan to continue construction until 2020, by which time the model will have almost doubled in size. The exhibit started as a model railway attraction in Hamburg, Germany and is the largest of its kind in the world.
Each section has unique landscapes and the railway exhibit showcases details that the specific regions are known for in the real world.­ For example, the ‘America’ section has highlights such as Las Vegas with over 30,000 lights, the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Area 51, Miami, the Everglades, and so on.
Please instead use your own name, initials, or handle, as the the former comes off as spam. When you watch the promotional video below, you will also find funny interactive scenes such as people having sex in a van or a not so funny scene such the police investigating a crime scene. There will also be over 50,000 lights, over 300,000 figurines, 10,000 cars, and 330,000 detailed trees. So far, there has been over 580,000 work hours put into the project but by 2020 – it will be approximately 850,000 hours. Cost of the project to date is over 12,000,000 € while the finally tally is expected to be approximately 20,000,000 €.

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