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Graffiti artist EVOL places stencils of buildings on power boxes and garbage containers that are located on the streets. A few years ago, we featured fan-made 3D printed replicas of some of the buildings in SimCity 2000.
The baseplates also provide a discreet way to light up the buildings’ windows using LEDs. Our Company designs and manufactures miniature buildings, accessories and terrain for the Wargamer. We have many windows and doors to select from as well as nurmerous other add-on products that are great for the do-it-yourselfer. For the do-it-yourselfer who wants to make their own buildings, we also produce all the bits and pieces that a building needs to make it look realistic. Future productions will include complete towns, villages and cities in many geographical areas as well as different time periods. Both exhibits are on display through January 4, 2009, and can be viewed by passengers on the second floor of each terminal. German street artist EVOL transforms banal urban surfaces into miniature lifelike buildings.

The artist uses complicated stencils to quickly transform powerboxes, and other worn urban surfaces into miniature apartment buildings or other structures. The artist creates miniature buildings within different cities and has even been commissioned to do installations in galleries, and while the police might not agree with this street art project, they probably enjoy the end result. Grandeur: Not content with resting in his retirement he decided to carry on building, but on a smaller scale.
Lowson, of Nenthead, Cumbria, said: 'I have been working all my life outside and I cannot just sit in the house and watch the television. Retired builder Lowson Robinson has built three villages and towns in his gardenThe retired builder's handy-work has now become a big hit with tourists, who stop to take photos.
Although his first miniature house took him around a month it build, it wasn't long before Lowson developed a mould which allows him to create a house in two days. He takes great care to maintain the village gardens as well as the local pubs, churches, mills and waterways.
You can still download and print those designs, but if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, Ittyblox are nice alternatives.
You can display or play with them as is or you can stick them together using the complementary baseplate.

Our dioramas have been the recipient of various awards because of their detail and imagination.
By drawing tiny balconies and satellite dishes onto the side of an electrical box, he is able to turn it into a realistic tiny skyscraper. Lowson first began building the villages 22-years-ago as a hobby, using his garage as a workshop. The buildings, which have plastic windows, are made by filling a square mould with concrete. His latest work involves building a mansion based on Haughton Hall, in Shropshire, and a water feature which operates through a sensor when visitors pass.
Their modular design allows for the Player to change the look and aspect of the game just by interchanging the front, backs and roofs.
A whole city block or town can be redesigned to create completely different looking scenes without having to purchase numerous buildings.

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