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The Wensleydale Railway is used occasionally by EWS and the Army for military trains taking armoured vehicles to and from Catterick Garrison via Redmire. Let me know when you find one, and PM Joe about the transaction when you figure out how much it ends up being. First off, you can't sell tanks or artillery because their purpose is not to act as a vehicle per se, but rather as a conveyance method for a cannon, and thus fall into the domain of my shop.
Powerful locomotives are used in this model train layout in order to achieve great durability.
Strong colors are used in this layout and this thing is making this layout so attractive, specially the red color of the locomotive.

Several small and big buildings are placed in this layout to give it an amazing realistic looks. I was surprised to see a DPU on a fairly light train like this, but I remembered that having a DPU helps minimize slack action as well.
The last BNSF military train I saw through here was headed to Fort Carson, just south of Colorado Springs, CO.
I've created this site to share the images I've collected, along with some of my thoughts, about current and vintage railroading in the Southwest U.S.
This great layout represents the period around 1939-41 in Germany and combines military with civilian operations.

There are so many things available and all you need is to look around and select the best suitable accessories for your layout. Please do not forget to send your valuable feedbacks so that we can work on them and make this website a great source of knowledge about model trains. Also please keep sending images and videos of your layout and we will publish them on our website.

Tata trucks and models
N scale trolley track
Golden white led 3mm
Atlas ho code 83 flex track
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