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Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. This is Midwest Cork N CORK ROADBED Description: This Cork Roadbed is beveled for a realistic appearance.

If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange). Made from 100% recycled cork, the cork is easy to cut, shape (thin sizes can even be die-cut), and even accepts acrylic paint and water-based glue.
This precut roadbed fits undera ll brands of track systems and features top-drawer sound absorption as well as beveled edges for a realistic appearance.

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