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Micro-Trains 21320 - Illinois State Car - Discount Train: A huge variety of model trains and accessories at deep discounts! I never had such a HOn3 ready-to-run train like this one so well packed in a jewel plastic box. Now let’s open the plastic box and have a closer look at the yellow and box car brown reefer. This HOn3 reefer is the first ready-to-run freight car ever built in HOn3 gauge for the White Pass fans. Micro-Trains 02300232 - Union Pacific Boxcar - Discount Train: A huge variety of model trains and accessories at deep discounts! This car has more underframe and front details than you normally see on HO gauge freight cars.

Hopefully Micro-Trains will plan another White Pass car in the future if sales grow correspondingly. This 30’ refrigerator car is box car red with yellow sides and runs on brown Bettendorf trucks.
My only criticism concerns the prototype description on the box and I hope that next time they will ask us before printing it.
Roof and hand rail have the same great quality.The cars are equipped with the original Magne-Matic coupler system. Micro-Trains writes on the box that most equipment of the WP&YR has been advertised for sale.
One or two of the former C&S reefers were shipped via the United States Army to the White Pass.

Still today it’s not clear if they arrived as reefers in Skagway or just as flat cars. But in any case, the lettering style is fully White Pass and looks perfect in any White Pass train on your HOn3 layout.

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