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Post by BiggusAnyone know any suppliers of rolling stock for these?I scored this for birthday..
You are quite right about Ian having a Puffing Billy HOn30 range John, and it will eventually get onto the website, when I can find a spare couple of hours to do it!
It's N-Gauge track.I use Peco HOe track, which is 9mm (a for N-Gauge), but with morescale-correct sleepers (ties).Jeff LawNew ZealandPost by nathan fullyjust wondering what type tack dose Hn30 fit on? For discussion of the issues faced when building a model or layout - how to replicate wood, what glues to use, exactly how much weathering can a Gnat take, a good source of detailing accessories - you get the picture, I'm sure.
OK Chris so duty applies to you and price reflects that, however biggest disadvantage with these points is their size being 3" longer than the Peco equivalent. The Micro Engineering track comes in Code 83, which scales out to a very, very light track in Gn15.
It is sold cheaper than Peco Code 100 (0-16,5) in Germany, I sold mine again, since larger Gn15 rolling stock tended to fall off the track.
The track was disassembled, the web between the sleepers was removed and the crazy track jagged ends of the sleepers were trimmed off (approx 0.5mm), they were then painted Humbrol Matt Enamel #66 ‘Olive Drab’ and left to dry. I made a jig from very wide lollipop sticks, these were cut to 13mm wide, that being the distance between the sleepers.
Well, it might be a while until the actual branch is built, but I've taken the first baby steps.I've been reading everything I can about the logging railroads of Pennsylvania.
Here are some shots of that test track - very useful as you are building rolling stock to check coupler height and rolling ability.For comparison purposes, I have included a few things in the picture.
Lou,When I expand the layout to the next wall, I will build the narrow gauge branch for logging. Chuck,I have about half the books in the series "Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania". Micro Engineering is the price winner, given that Atlas code 83 isn't available; however, ME has much finer spike heads that photograph well and can be used with Atlas 505 and 506 turnouts without any fuss. Cut the mainline rails and the guard rails for the HOn30 flangeways with a cutting disc moto tool.

A friend gave me some photos from the 3 foot narrow gauge railroad White Pass and Yukon Route.
Waldenburger Bahn, the only 75 cm gauge commuter train in Switzerland (probably in the world). One of the narrow gauge advantages was the use of lighter rails and therefore the lower investment. Quotation from Railway Track and Maintenance (1926): For ordinary main-line service, 80 lb. They are relative thin (1.3 mm), to prevent splitting (nails), less gravel is needed to cover the ground. The Micro Engineering ties have about the same thickness and width and can be used together with my PCB ties. Solder the second rail to the ties, use a HO track gauge to ensure the right distance between the rails. The rail heads should touch each other, to achive this I remove about 1 mm from the base of the crossing rail. Paul Mallery, Trackwork Handbook, Carstens Publishing, ISBN 911868-86-0 THE reference for trackwork.
Kent Johnson et al, Trackwork and Lineside Detail, Kalmbach Publishing, ISBN 0-89024-71-1 The best of from Model Railroader to this topic. Why well import duties can make such a purchase out of the window for many regardless of the looks. When dry they were dry-brushed very lightly with Humbrol Matt Enamel #34 ‘White’ to highlight the grain, and the chair tops were painted Humbrol Matt Enamel #113 ‘Rust’ and left to dry.
Disassemble a piece of track by cutting the web between the sleepers, then reassemble it until it until the spacing between the sleepers looks right. One of the things I like about them is that they served a variety of forest products related industries: logging, saw mills, kindling mills, stave mills, wood chemical plants, paper mills, tanneries, and even coal mines and oil fields. NG Ely Thomas Lumber Co dumped logs down a hill where traveling crane with tongs loaded into SG cars.

Flat Car kit Gee, Bruce, that's a great choice Seriously, it is neat to hear that you are going to venture into some narrow gauge - I'll surely enjoy following your progress. Solder second crossing rail to the ties and to mainline rail, use N track gauge to ensure the right distance between the rails. You can build the turnouts from scratch, but for me it is difficult and to time-consuming to build the heel of the switch (especially the hinge) and the frog. At least you don't have to worry about gauge and it still maintains its flex until you delete the plastic after it is laid.
The track sides were painted Humbrol Matt Enamel #113 ‘Rust’ and when dry the sleepers were threaded on and reassembled squarely with the spacing between sleepers set to 18mm centres. I saw about 2.3 mm stripes from the PCB with a fretsaw and cut the ties to length (20 mm) with a wire cutting pliers.
Lay the N gauge turnout on the template and mark with a pencil the frog and the toe of point on the template. Rusel Tratman, Railway Track and Maintenance, Original printed in 1926, Kalmbach Memorial Library NMRA, ISBN 0-9647050-6-0 It's still the best way to learn from the real thing. Deck Girder Bridge 40' Ballasted Deck Kit includes highly detailed plate girder and bracing.
Try to get some at a bring and buy - using brand new lengths only to butcher it completely is an unnecessary extra cost. I really do like HO scale, and I have a number of structure kits 'on the shelf' that could fit into a PA logging scene, so I decided to fight off the On30 temptations and go with HOn3.At the same time, I want to begin working on my 'Cars' Certificate in the NMRA Achievement Program.
That way when you are building your rolling stock and you don't want a free roll at a slope greater than X you can achieve it.
When laying track on a curved bridge for example, the attempted use of Atlas track would make installation almost  impossible.

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