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For discussion of the issues faced when building a model or layout - how to replicate wood, what glues to use, exactly how much weathering can a Gnat take, a good source of detailing accessories - you get the picture, I'm sure. OK Chris so duty applies to you and price reflects that, however biggest disadvantage with these points is their size being 3" longer than the Peco equivalent. The Micro Engineering track comes in Code 83, which scales out to a very, very light track in Gn15.
It is sold cheaper than Peco Code 100 (0-16,5) in Germany, I sold mine again, since larger Gn15 rolling stock tended to fall off the track. The track was disassembled, the web between the sleepers was removed and the crazy track jagged ends of the sleepers were trimmed off (approx 0.5mm), they were then painted Humbrol Matt Enamel #66 ‘Olive Drab’ and left to dry. I made a jig from very wide lollipop sticks, these were cut to 13mm wide, that being the distance between the sleepers.

Flex-Trak features scale size ties, tie plates and spikes, irregular tie spacing, natural brown tie color and nickel-silver rail.
All trademarks and copyrighted material within these web pages, remain the property of their respective holders. Why well import duties can make such a purchase out of the window for many regardless of the looks. When dry they were dry-brushed very lightly with Humbrol Matt Enamel #34 ‘White’ to highlight the grain, and the chair tops were painted Humbrol Matt Enamel #113 ‘Rust’ and left to dry. Disassemble a piece of track by cutting the web between the sleepers, then reassemble it until it until the spacing between the sleepers looks right.
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At least you don't have to worry about gauge and it still maintains its flex until you delete the plastic after it is laid. The track sides were painted Humbrol Matt Enamel #113 ‘Rust’ and when dry the sleepers were threaded on and reassembled squarely with the spacing between sleepers set to 18mm centres. Try to get some at a bring and buy - using brand new lengths only to butcher it completely is an unnecessary extra cost.

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