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This incredible Set provides everything necessary to build a Railway in the living room or bedroom floor! Toddler train sets are something I’ve become all too familiar with over the last 8 months thanks to my little man who turns 2 years old today. When my little guy first started showing an interested in trains, my husband and I were happy to nourish that excitement for a few reasons.
Setting up the track with destination pieces can be a huge task in puzzle building and problem solving. Kids learn not only spacial awareness but they also learn some basic physics in determining which configurations prevent trains from derailing (for example they gain too much speed coming down hills so curved pieces will make them derail). Chuggington train sets have been on the market since 2010 and are the companion to the animated television series of the same name. Here’s a second option for those with Thomas obsessed little ones that is more affordable then the wooden railway pieces and it is battery operated.
Granted this set is not a pure railway option like the others, it does have a great aesthetic plus I love to support companies that practice green living.
There’s several other wooden railway sets on the market available for as little as $45 through online retailers.
Another option if you’re not set on purchasing a wooden railway system, the lego duplo line offers a deluxe train set plus additional train accessories. While this set may not grow as well with your child as some of the others, I wanted to include it here as our little man received the Vtech Fire Station as a Christmas gift last year and he just loves it. If your child loves Thomas you can find everything from flip flops and rain boots to DVD movies, books and birthday party supplies. Also look for the Day out with Thomas event that tours the world and is great fun.
While the train set isn’t as vast as the others, the Duplo line offers a farm, circus, fire station, zoo just to name a few plus regular duplo blocks can be used to build all sorts of things to accompany your train track. The basic sets are great for toddlers but with additions this set can become as complex as your child can create.
This amazing set includes everything needed for railway fun: a spacious roundhouse engine shed, dozens of track pieces in curves and straights, trees, workers and even traffic signs!
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We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! This busy wooden train is just what's needed to transport a new cow or take cans of milk, fruit and vegetable crates to market. This realistically detailed lift-bridge, when incorporated into your child's wooden train layout, will take train play to a new level.
Many of the sets offer a cast of train characters with different personalities that are fun to imitate. I have to admit I personally love trying to make the most elaborate track for my son weaving the track under bridges and making as many junctions as I can. Also, many of the trains contain magnets that join the pieces together and you have to determine which two sides will attract. This set comes with a large cast of characters and destination pieces that can be added to over time.
As with the Chuggington trains, the Thomas & Friends collection has a wide range of characters and destinations so you will never run out of new pieces for your collection. The most affordable set of those listed so far and offers all the similar features: engine shed, magnetic crane, trestle bridge, roundtable and all the track you may need plus additional pieces are available to purchase. All are designed to be compatible with lines like Thomas & Friends so you can mix and match if you choose.
What we love about the lego option is it can be combined with all their other duplo sets to create a world that’s only limited by your imagination. As with many of the wooden collections, there is a good variety of vehicles, track packs and destinations to choose from however keep in mind this will probably be the noisiest option on the list!
There are multi-piece trains and magnetic-tipped cranes, switches and a T-junction for passing lanes! Your young engineer's imagination will be engaged by the colorful engine and the three interchangeable cars.
As your young engineer turns the crank to control the bridge, the barrier will lower and lift, just like a real one!
To celebrate his birthday, I thought we’d take a look at one of his favourite things, train sets!

The story is based around 6 novice locomotive trainees named Wilson, Hoot, Toot, Brewster, Piper and Koko and followers their adventures through the town of Chuggington. The key difference between the three collections are the world’s in which they exist. The nice thing about combining the road with rail tracks is the expanded opportunities to build to this collection with the airport, parking garage, gas station and the list goes on!
A great option if you’re looking to save on the track but want to purchase the trains from a more familiar line. One thing I love about the wooden railway systems is the lack of electronics and the piece and quiet that accompanies it.
Your child may grow out of the Thomas or Chuggington characters but Brio is more generic and all about the world we live in. All opinions are my own, and all brands featured represent what I personally like and support. Hours of fun will be provided as your child loads and unloads the train cars and pretends to steer the train. Mix and match with other train sets--it's compatible with all popular wooden railway systems. Where Thomas & Chuggington are based on the fantasy worlds on the Island of Sodor and in the town of Chuggington, Brio is based in our world letting your child use his or her own imagination to create their own cast of characters and story lines.
We are unable to ship factory direct items to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO or FPO addresses. July seems to be a great time to purchase when older stock is being sold off to make room for new pieces.
I do have to say I am really impressed with the quality of this line and understand why it’s so popular with kids and parents a like. Not compatible with Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway, Thomas Wooden Railway or Chuggington Wooden Railway.

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