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All the sets here are considered Brio Compatible and Thomas Train Compatible, meaning they have the same track and connector size as the most popular train sets and can all be used together. Toss in a couple of extra trains at $6 or $7 a piece to get you over the Free Shipping $25 hump and you have a nice little train gift set.
Whatever you do, make sure you order at least one box of Suretrack train track clips onto your order.  Wooden tracks tend to fall apart easily, especially on an uneven surface such as a carpet or while under the attack at the hands of a child under 3. I have already bought a train set for my little one, but am getting worried because he DOESN’T run right to the train sets when we are out.
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We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! Including an engine and caboose, this 6-piece, hand painted wooden diesel train set is ready to haul passengers, lumber and more! Set includes  Track End Bumpers that are compatible with all major wooden train play systems. Made from beautiful solid beech wood  this fits Thomas Brio Chuggington Melissa Doug Imaginarium 4 pieces.
We are a small, family-run website dedicated to providing information about quality wooden toys for sale online. Q: Melissa and Doug 130 pc railway set says it is compatible with "Thomas," but there are 3-4 different sizes of Thomas trains series. A: The Melissa and Doug Wooden Railway set is compatible with both Thomas and Brio wooden train systems. Q: I recently bought the Melissa and Doug Folding Princess Castle for my daughter and she's happy with it. A: My 5 year old goes bonkers for princesses, always wearing princess clothing, drinking from princess cups, and now playing with a folding princess castle.

When architects and engineers look for the best in structural lumber, their first choice repeatedly is Douglas Fir.
Western Hemlock, also known as West Coast Hemlock or Pacific Hemlock, was discovered by botanist Stephen L. Hem-Fir lumber products are available in structural, appearance and remanufacturing grades. Q: In the Episode Papa Pill, on the show King of Queens, After Doug eats the sandwich with the pills in it, what song is the listening to when he's "tripping" on the couch?
A: I think Doug is insane - he suddenly after 36 years wants to kill his childhood friend because it was a one-sided friendship. TR called out in the original Wooden Toy Train article do not seem to be available at most stores anymore, so I though we would highlight a couple of newer sets that fit the bill.
The Melissa And Doug Train Set offers a giant set with 128 pieces for a shockingly low price for a set this size.  Take a close look at the picture of the set for everything you get with this one. I bought Lionel Railroad set, but the rails were too wide for Take Along Thomas and Friends trains that we had. The Take Along Thomas and Friends sets are different then the traditional Thomas sets and are not compatible with the Thomas Wooden Railway. I guess people are right when they say that full grown women and little girls both love the idea of princesses.
It is a distinct species named after Archibald Menzies, a Scottish physician and naturalist who first discovered the tree on Vancouver Island in 1791, and David Douglas, the Scottish botanist who later identified the tree in the Pacific Northwest in 1826. It is dimensionally stable and universally recognized for its superior strength-to-weight ratio.
In strength properties, Western Hem-Fir is SLIGHTLY BELOW the Douglas Fir-Larch species combination, and above both the Douglas Fir-South and Spruce-Pine-Fir (South) species combinations.
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I have yet to see a little kid under 4 not run straight for a wooden train table in a store or doctors office waiting room and love running the various trains along the tracks. The Thomas Wooden Railway is the ONLY Thomas set that is compatible with the Melissa and Doug Wooden Railway set. He christened hemlock "tsuga." In Japanese, tsuga means "yew-leaved," referring to its short, flat -- and contrary to legend -- non-poisonous needles. Hem-Fir is useful for a multitude of general-purpose framing applications and is capable of meeting the span requirements of many installations. The one episode which I always remember is the one where he was scared to eat liver and onions!
Train is compatible with Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway, Melissa and Doug, Brio, KidKraft and other fine wooden railways.
If anyone has Melissa and Doug Railway set, how wide is the rail from one grid to the other? With most toys, if you receive two of them as a gift there is not much to do besides regifting or attempting a return which can be difficult without a receipt.
Douglas Fir is North America's most plentiful softwood species, accounting for one fifth of the continent's total softwood reserves.
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