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KadeeA® Couplers have been around since 1947 & are the best Magnetic Couplers on the market.
As I continue with the hobby I've come to know one thing for sure; There is nothing like a KadeeA®coupler!! The items I've received lately that are made by Walthers have the Bachman EZ Mates in them. Seems every time I've tried other brands of knuckle couplers, I convert them to Kadee's again. In comparision, All the plastic knock off's I tried in recent years have had several failures within a very short time. Pull Test Kadee'sA® Results-KadeeA® Couplers held from 10-19 lbs depending on Coupler tested.
Park Test Kadee'sA® Results-KadeeA® Couplers Knuckle & Centering Spring performance was unaffected by testing. Installation Test Kadee'sA® Results-KadeeA® Couplers fit gear boxes better & took less effort to set up at correct NMRA mounting height .
These are designed to be compatible with the Maerklin (and Peco) style of stud contact track. MTH's Ho rolling stock may be used on 3-rail systems but any powered features, such as interior lighting, will not operate. Trainfest 2013 show reportTrainfest is being held November 8-10, 2013, at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee.
Moon Dog Railcars LLC HO scale 60-foot flatcar with finger rack and rebar load60-foot flatcar with finger rack and rebar load.
Moon Dog Railcars LLC HO scale 89-foot flatcar with flexible pipe steel reel89-foot flatcar with flexible pipe steel reel.
Pacific Fruit Express class R-70-10 51-foot mechanical refrigerator car with exterior posts.
They were rather quickly replaced by the KadeeA®metal couplers when I tried to pull a 10 car Superliner train up our club's helix and they kept coming uncoupled.
3 features the firm's first diesel locomotive; the EMD SD70ACe in a slew of different roadnames, including all of the Union Pacific Heritage schemes. The three-day show features vendors and manufacturers, model railroad layouts, railroad historical societies, and clinics. Electro-Motive Diesel demonstrator (yellow in one number or blue), Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific. Clock light, ball light, park light, street light, highway light (two versions), and curved light. Clock light, ball light, park light (two versions available), street light, highway light, and curved light (two versions). DB5 provides 5 full amps of additional power to an NCE SB5 Smart Booster or other 5 amp Digital Command Control system to run trains and accessories. All you you're doing is setting yourself up for failure, no question in my mind( 7 years experience with knuckel couplers). Close observation showed that the coupler shanks were actually flexing and allowing the couplers to separate. But I like the many choices,short shank ,long shank,high shank, low shank ,mid mounted shank, then you have the #58.
On a pull test the Kadee did eventually fail but it failed at a point way beyond what the meter could measure (the meter topped out at 11+ pounds).
KadeeA® Couplers held the weight and then fully functioned & looked the same as a new coupler. Maxon five-pole can motor with flywheel, removable smoke deflectors, operating marker lights, and detailed backhead. Louis) Association of American Railroads, Lake Superior & Ishpeming PS-1, and Soo Line PS-1.
Injection-molded plastic model with prototype-specific details, wire grab irons, metal wheelsets, etched-metal running boards, and Kadee knuckle couplers. Digitally controlled sound-equipped model with five motors, operating rotor subassembly, light-emitting diode headlights, and positionable parts. Die-cast metal hoppers and center sill, solid- or roller-bearing trucks as appropriate, and optional heap shields.

I just took some of my other rolling stock and Engines up to my train room to run for a little while and it's always the same thing. KDs are very strong .In 30 years of using them I've only broken 2, both times on cars I dropped.
Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to view our preliminary show report to see even more new products, including updated photos. Modernized version with road-number-specific details, wire grab irons, and McHenry scale knuckle couplers.
See-through running boards, spoked or Boxpok main drivers, corrugated or snowplow pilot, detailed backhead, and separately applied details. Die-cast metal hood and chassis, prototype-specific radiator shutters, and directional light-emitting diode headlights.
Class 120-C-6 tender (Southern Pacific, Southern Pacific Lines, or painted black but unlettered) available separately, $89.98. Injection-molded plastic shell, die-cast metal chassis, and five-pole can motor with dual flywheels.
Any remaining stock will be available the week after Trainfest at manufacturer’s website. More than 10 amps, all the features of the Prodigy Advance2, backlit liquid-crystal display (LCD) fast clock, cooling fan, and metal cabinet console with LCD power meter. Based on Phase I prototype with redesigned AAR type B truck sideframes, separately applied detail parts, and five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels. Broadway Limited ImportsNew York Central 20th Century Limited streamlined class J3a 4-6-4 Hudson steam locomotive. Five-pole can motor with flywheel, detailed backhead, separately applied details, and traction tires.
Midwest Quarry and painted but unlettered (orange and cream, yellow with black stripes, or red and yellow).
Prodigy Explorer Digital Command Control systemProdigy Explorer Digital Command Control system.
All 4 detection zones (and all 16 sections) are connected to a single booster, command station, or Digital Command Control circuit.
Con-Cor International HO scale 2013 Christmas 50-foot double-plug-door boxcar2013 Christmas 50-foot double-plug-door boxcar. Plastic-and-metal construction with five-pole can motor, constant-intensity directional lighting, and traction tires. Brings out connections available on the SE8C’s edge connector, including 8 slow-motion switch machine drivers, 8 push-button inputs, and 8 sensor connections. 1.6 amps, decoder read back, advance consisting, recall and stack features, programming on main or programming track.
Injection-molded plastic structure kit includes factory-finished edges, positive-alignment system, window treatments, signs, and detail parts.
Broadway Limited ImportsBaldwin 2-10-4 Texas-type steam locomotiveBaldwin 2-10-4 Texas-type steam locomotive.
Laser-cut architectural-grade board kit with raised rivet detail, gussets and cross braces, and glue. 1744 with class 90-C-2 tender (post-1946 scheme) or class 100-C-6 tender (pre- and post-1946 schemes), and no.
All power packs have 20VA DC of controlled power, AC terminals for accessories, Accutec technology that monitors demand and delivers increased power, and resin housing. Throttlepack AC100 alternating-current power packThrottlepack AC100 alternating-current power pack. Factory-painted and lettered (with or without road numbers), painted black but unlettered, or painted black with United States Railway Administration coal tender, $1,499; unpainted models, $1,449. Produced by Rivarossi, distributed by Hornby USA2-6-6-2 articulated steam locomotive and 0-6-0 steam switcher2-6-6-2 articulated steam locomotive and 0-6-0 steam switcher.
2-6-6-2 decorated for Great Northern, Norfolk & Western, Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, and undecorated. Upgraded tooling, five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, and directional light-emitting diode headlights.
Open-beam overhang, gravity-style gas pumps with globes, decals, signs, and assorted details.

Can motors, printed-circuit board in tender, nine-pin plug tender connection, and metal handrails. Broken version features busted blades, weathered wood tower, two oval stock tanks, hand pump, and trough.
Norfolk Southern heritage schemes: Erie, Jersey Central Lines, New York Central, Virginian, and Wabash.
SoundTraxx Sound Value diesel sound package with prototypical prime mover, 3 air horns, and bell. Norfolk Southern heritage schemes: Central of Georgia, Lehigh Valley, Nickel Plate Road, Pennsylvania RR, and Southern Ry. Four-window versions lettered for Central RR of New Jersey, Lehigh Valley (maroon and Bicentennial schemes), and Maine Central. Two-window versions decorated for Boston & Maine, Chessie System, Penn Central, and Pennsylvania RR. Pennsylvania RR (Brunswick Green with single stripe or five stripes, Tuscan Red with five stripes, or silver with red stripe Congressional scheme) and Penn Central. Die-cast metal frame, 12-wheel drive, operating pantographs, and E-Z Mate Mark II knuckle couplers. Direct-current model with eight-pin socket for Digital Command Control decoder, $199; with Sound Value SoundTraxx sound package (electric motor, blower, horn, and bell), $279.
Injection-molded plastic model with RP-25 contour metal wheelsets and McHenry shelf couplers. Dual truck motors, directional headlights and taillights (front and rear), and Kato knuckle couplers.
Hubert's Model Railroad Manufacturing Corp.Johnstown America high-capacity wood-chip gondolaJohnstown America high-capacity wood-chip gondola. Die-cast metal boiler and tender house, five-pole flywheel-equipped motor, synchronized puffing smoke, sprung drivers, two Kadee knuckle couplers, remote-controlled Proto-Coupler, and interchangeable RP-25 contour drivers with traction tires.
Hubert's Model Railroad Manufacturing Corp.National Steel 60-foot high-capacity double-plug-door boxcarNational Steel 60-foot high-capacity double-plug-door boxcar. Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheel, prototype-specific fuel tank size, light-emitting diode headlights, and Kadee knuckle couplers.
Hubert's Model Railroad Manufacturing Corp.34-foot, wide-cupola caboose34-foot, wide-cupola caboose.
Broadway Limited ImportsModernized Pullman paired-window heavyweight coachModernized Pullman paired-window heavyweight coach. Updated roof and windows, underbody detail, sprung diaphragms, RP-25 contour metal wheelsets, and McHenry knuckle couplers. Walthers, Inc.40-foot exterior-post trailerEmergency vehiclesHO scale details and accessories40-foot exterior-post trailer.
Digital Command Control decoder, Vibranta sound system, five-pole skew-wound armature motor, and Micro-Trains knuckle couplers. Injection-molded plastic with separately applied handrails and brake wheel and Magne-Matic couplers. Kato USA, Inc.Mack "B" Cement truck and Mack "R" dump truckN scale details and accessoriesMack "B" Cement truck and Mack "R" dump truck. Cement truck is decorated for Tews Cement, Cleveland Builders, Erie Builders, PreMix, and Ready Mix Concrete. Handheld controller for operating dual-mode sound-equipped locomotives on direct-current (DC) layouts. Model Rectifier Corp.Multi-MAUS handheld Digital Command Control throttleMulti-MAUS handheld Digital Command Control throttle.
Also available in Z scale, (2" four-pack), N scale (3" three-pack), HO scale (4" two-pack and 6" single tree), and O scale (9" single tree). Paasche Airbrush Co.Four-inch quick-ratcheting bar clampFour-inch quick-ratcheting bar clamp.

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