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Sign-up for WGBH News updates, WGBH promotions, and previews of what's coming up on WGBH TV. Thanks to the MBTA, you can reach many of the places in and around Boston using public transportation, therefore you do not have to live close to your school or buy a car. Many students living around Brookline or more specifically around Commonwealth Avenue can choose green line in order to reach Downtown Boston and universities like Boston University.
The students with their families who prefer to live outside of the Boston can choose orange line or red line to reach Boston and universities. Boston visitors and residents have been using public transportation to travel around the city since omnibuses began operating in Boston during the 1830s. Options include canceling some bus routes, eliminating night and weekend commuter rail service and ending the commuter ferry.

He said the situation has worsened since the T was forced to foot the bill for Big Dig construction. You cannot go to school or work without a car unless you live very near to your school or your work, and not every student can buy a car. From the following map taken from MBTA’s web site, you can see that it is possible to travel in all directions in Boston with subway. Public transportation in Boston is very convenient, therefore many people and students choose public transportation in Boston. Streetcars started transporting Boston passengers in the 1850s and subways began running in the city in 1897. Also you can experience parking problems and face to pay too much parking fees if you go to Boston with your car.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) was created in 1947 to oversee Boston's public transportation system. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), also referred to as the T, took over the system in 1964.
The Red Line takes passengers from Alewife to Braintree through Harvard Square and downtown Boston.

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