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Toyzine's Toy Collector Club online forum is a free service to allow collector's and enthusiast's to share advice, experiences, ideas and opinions. Railroad arrangement is an artistic work and proper measures should be considered while creating railroads. Cars, buses, trucks are also placed in this model train layout and it is simply increasing the beauty of this amazing model train.
Roads are nicely built and they are giving realistic and wonderful look after placing lots of toy cars. This last and final image shows the complete structure of this wonderfully designed model train layout.

When he was a young boy his father had given him the first train of Marklin in the year 1937, namely the steam locomotive RM 800 with three passenger cars. Loaded into each of the drop-sided gondola cars are three circus wagons: a transport wagon, a Hagenbecks Menagerie cage wagon and a Circus Oriental caravan, outfitted with a gloriously handpainted bedroom.
These railroad have nice round curves which is giving realistic look to this wonderful layout. This part of work is solely responsible for the awesome looks of the model train so you should be very creative in choosing the things you want to use in the city structure. Building structure is something which increases the beauty of the model train layout so always use high quality building structures in order to give nice and professionally designed look to your model train.

He has a Marklin European layout featuring 12 steam locos with marshaling yards and the usual scenic country with tunnels etc. They certainly look amazing. The model railway layout is built on five levels, it has an area of about 50 square meters and it is supplied via 38 transformers with driving power.
The model railway exhibition is certainly not comparable with large commercial exhibitions, because houses, tracks and trains are rarities.

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