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Hi All.I was lucky enough to be able to converse at length with a US Forrest Service agent about the trees located on our property.
Mike, could I ask for a small favor please could you take a nice close up of the foliage with something obvious for scale next to it? Mike, the comparison between a real tree and your models shows that you've rendered very well the shape of the pine.
I'm also glad you're talking the time to put this tutorial together and sharing it with us. The foliage material seems interesting and I'd be glad, like Pat and Richard, to see a close-up on this Bragdon foliage.

The length of branch is dependent on how many other trees are around and how close they are growing together. But I think the effect sets a mood that ties every thing together.I just started last week making trees using Caspia but would like to find something more realistic. Nice to see them being made to the correct height for the scale.Too many times trees are too small. The actual shaping takes place after the tree is assembled.I chose this material because it was the closest thing I could find that would let me make the species of pine I wanted to make. The lower branches are killed off by the tree itself to conserve energy if light is scarce.A lone tree will have branches closer to the ground where as a thick stand will only have branches higher up.

There is foliage in the packs that have a different leaf texture that mimics Fir branches well.

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