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MTA NYC Transit has issued orders to six qualified architectural and engineering design firms, which starting this summer, will present the first of a series of plans to protect vulnerable subway stations, tunnels, storage yards and other equipment from future storms and coastal flooding. The MTA has also established a new Sandy Recovery and Resiliency Division dedicated to launching, advancing and managing the rebuilding from Sandy, which will require years of construction and careful oversight of billions of dollars in federal aid.
The goal is to protect all points where the subway system could be flooded during a storm, consistent with Governor Cuomo’s directive to the MTA to flood-proof critical subway elements.
The Sandy Recovery and Resiliency Division has been established within MTA New York City Transit, which runs subways and buses in New York City, and will draw on experienced engineers, project managers, procurement specialists and other in-house staff as well as employees of approved contractors to manage the rebuilding effort.
The Division has issued 16 task orders to six firms which will design system repairs and study best practices from flood-proofing resiliency efforts around the world, investigate how they can be applied to the challenges of the New York City subway system, and develop schematic designs for construction. Preliminary assessments are due starting in July, with final assessments due in three months, to protect a wide range of subway infrastructure, including entrances, ventilator gratings, vents, elevator shafts and openings, access hatches, emergency exits, manholes, utility entrances, escalators, machine rooms, pump rooms, sewer lines, conduit ducts, utility services, lighting, HVAC systems, fare collection equipment, building entrances and other right of way equipment. The MTA has some $250 million in other Sandy repair and recovery projects already underway throughout the city transit and commuter rail network. The South Ferry subway station was devastated and will need years of renovation work, while the old South Ferry loop station has been pressed into service in the meantime.
The MTA system suffered an estimated $4.755 billion worth of damage as railroad and subway lines, vehicular tunnels, subway stations and power and signal equipment were inundated with corrosive salt water during Sandy.
The MTA’s transit projects will be eligible in the coming months for additional funds for critical repair and restoration projects, as well as mitigation and resiliency measures from the FTA's Emergency Relief program. When I woke up Thursday morning the first thing I did was lay out my equipment on the floor. Some of the equipment I brought for the swimPhotograph by Bob NeedhamNow that I had gotten that off my mind I headed out to get something to eat.
NYC Subway Map showing Lower Manhattan - Is it just me, or does this seem a bit complicated?With my iPhone in hand, the map's GPS function led me right to the correct set of stairs. Cuomo announced a series of efforts underway to flood-proof major sections of the New York City Subway system. This will proceed as the MTA continues vital work to convert temporary repairs into permanent improvements that will fix and fortify the subway system to return it to its condition before Superstorm Sandy.
Plans will call for protecting stations, fan plants, under-river tubes, tunnels, ground-level tracks, signals, train shops and yards, traction power substations, circuit breaker houses, bus depots, train towers and public areas.
This may include building walls to protect outdoor subway yards, installing submarine-type doors at subway station entrances in low-lying areas, designing waterproof covers for ventilation grates, preparing barriers to protect above-ground fan plants, examining technologies and studying other physical modifications to protect the subway system from water infiltration.

Additional firms are being solicited to support future design and construction activities. George Terminal task orders remain outstanding, pending proposals from vendors which will soon be delivered. While temporary repairs have kept most of the MTA network running, it will take years to design and implement permanent recovery measures. Eight subway tubes under the East River and Newtown Creek were flooded with salt water, as were several subway yards and terminal stations. The MTA has already been allocated nearly $1.2 billion in funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for repair and disaster relief work initiated by New York City Transit, Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Rail Road and other MTA divisions, as well as $3 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for MTA Bridges and Tunnels.
MTA Bridges and Tunnels will also apply to FEMA for additional federal funding for recovery work at its seven bridges and two tunnels.
I jumped on the train, double checked that I was on the right subway line headed in the right direction. They would be clipped with the use of aA carabinerA to a light rope or cord (I brought both) and thrown to me while I was in the water. It all looked good so I settled in for the trip, grateful for the technology that had made it so easy.
That was a possibility but I just couldn't accept the notion that you can't buy a swim suit on a beach. To simplify the logistics of the swim, I found a room just south of the World Trade Center, and within walking distance to the start of the race near Battery Park. I had vanilla GU gel packets that I have come to rely on to get additional calories during the swim. I had just come from Oregon where we don't get summer heat until late July, and the humidity is never this bad. The train was well air conditioned, and I quickly cooled off while hoping that there would be a cool breeze at the beach.After a short while the train emerged from underground and continued above ground, elevated above the streets below. I decided that since I had come this far, I might as well walk the one mile down the boardwalk to Coney Island. I also went online and figured out which subway line I could take to Brighton Beach to do a training swim after I arrived. I also had 4 pairs of goggles (2 clear and 2 tinted), 3 swim suits, sunscreen, channel grease (VaselineA and lanolin), electrical and duck tape (you never know), a pocket knife andA my waterproof camera.

Looking out of the windows at the skyline in the distance I realized that in my hurry to catch the train I may have left my camera on the bed in the room. I have found that getting enough sleep in the days leading up to a marathon swim is absolutely critical, and I needed to get my internal clock adjusted for the morning start of the swim.
I found a market, bought some food and headed back to my room to hide out in the air conditioning. It didn't remind me to bring my suit and goggles, and it wasn't going to make this walk any less unpleasant.
The air temperature was in the high 90"s and with high humidity, it felt like it was over 100A°. I spent a little time laying around, surfing the net and eating, but I knew all good things had to end. But then I quickly realized that in my rush to catch the train I also left my swimsuit and goggles on the bed along side my camera.
Temperature records were set the first 2 days I was there, and I was grateful for the air conditioning in the room. My plan was to head out to Brighton Beach to get in a training swim, and I needed to get started.The first thing I did was to lay out everything on the bed that I wanted to take to the beach.
Not a good start.I thought for a moment about jumping off the train, going back to my room to retrieve my gear.
There were 3A separateA subway lines within a few blocks, so I had to figure out which station would be the right one to catch the train to Brighton Beach. It may sound comical to someone who lives in the city, but I had visions of walking in circles in 100A° weather trying to find the right set of stairs, and once below ground, catching the right train. I was confident I would be able to find a store at the beach where I could buy replacements.Once the train arrived at Brighton Beach I jumped off and immediately started to pour sweat.
I needed to find a suit and goggles quickly in the adjacent commercial area, and get out to the sand FAST.
As I walked block to block past a row of stores I began to realize that finding what I needed was not going to be easy in this RussianA immigrantA neighborhood.

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