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Babylon is a station on the Long Island Rail Road in the village of Babylon, New York at Railroad Avenue west of Deer Park Avenue (Suffolk CR 34). Babylon Station originally opened as a South Side Railroad of Long Island depot on October 28, 1867. As budgeted in the 2008a€“2013 Capital Plan, station rehabilitation over the next five years will include the demolition of the existing platforms and design and construction of a new platform as well as replacement of platform waiting rooms, escalators, and elevators. Police are investigating a robbery that occurred at the Babylon Long Island Rail Road station on Monday. Babylon Village Code Enforcement Officer Paul Schulhaus holding one of the more than 90 counterfeit vehicle inspection stickers they have found in the last year on Sept. New equipment purchased by the Long Island Rail Road will help crews remove snow drifts up to 15 feet. It was briefly renamed Seaside station in the summer of 1868, but resumed its original name of Babylon station in 1869.
The Montauk Branch has three tracks here, with the north platform between Tracks 1 and 2 and the south platform between Tracks 2 and 3.

There is limited access though to this mezzanine without setting foot on a LIRR platform and community members do walk down them to reach the subway. To the west is the junction (Belmont Junction) with the Central Branch, which heads northwest to join the Main Line at Beth Interlocking southeast of the Bethpage station. The Central Railroad of Long Island had once planned an extension to the Great South Bay and Fire Island which was never built, and a horse car and later trolley line was provided by the Babylon Rail Road company as a substitute.[3] The CRRLI abandoned their own depot in 1874, and began to share it with SSRLI. Babylon station is elevated with two island platforms and is wheelchair accessible through elevator access.
There are the four main line tracks that continue off to Jamaica, and two that curve north shortly after the station to reach Port Washington, all switching must be performed west of the station. It was razed in 1963 as part of the grade elimination project that was taking place along the entire Babylon Branch during the post-war era.[6] The new elevated third station opened on September 9, 1964. The platforms can be visualized as A-(4 Mainline Tracks)-B-(2 Port Washington Branch Tracks)-C. Babylon is 38.9 miles from Penn Station (in Manhattan, New York City), and travel time is 50 minutes to 1 hour 16 minutes, depending on the number of stops. East of the station, a train washing canopy existed in West Islip until 2005.[7][8] In June 2010, the Long Island Rail Road broke ground on a new environmentally friendly train wash canopy, since Ronkonkoma station had the only train wash on the east end.
Platform B is shared by Penn Station-bound Main Line trains and Port Washington-bound trains.

For access in the middle of each platform there are two staircases up to either side of the upper mezzanine level just beneath the 7 line platforms.
Each also has an elevator up to this mezzanine area with platforms A's also service as the exit elevator leading down to the NE corner of Roosevelt Avenue and 61 Street. Each platform has an additional staircase up to it along 61 Street, Platform A's is right next to the elevator, B's is along the east side of the street, and C's is across on the west side of the street. There are additional entrances to both side platforms towards there western ends to better serve the local communities. Platform A has an additional short ramp and staircase up to it from a dead end of 62 Street just beyond Roosevelt Avenue, and Platform C at its very western end has a short walkway that leads to 63 Street as it curves to follow the train tracks (and not cross them) and becomes Trimble Road. At the eastern end of Platform A, there is an additional entrance at 60 Street ending into the tracks. Both platforms are canopied for most decent portions there lengths and have small glassed enclosure waiting areas along with benches.

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