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The sensation of soccer and currently the best player of the world, Lionel Messi, was a participant in a contest for Japanese TV game where he had to kick penalties. The striker from Barcelona had a hard time because in the first two attempts failed to nail it on the network, the fastest mechanical goalkeeper proved too much pressure. The first shot hit the bottom of the right post, the second was a shot that hit the top of the left post then rebounded off the crossbar and ended up out of field. The third shot which took the same direction as the second managed to get in and beat the goalkeeper robot, but this achievement touching. After working for several years to build up a regional following, the Commodores' first major exposure arrived in 1971 when the group was selected to be the opening act for The Jackson 5 -- a gig that lasted for more than two years.
By the arrival of the 1980s, Richie had expanded his activities beyond the confines of the Commodores, writing and producing the sappy (and enormously successful) ballad Lady for pop-turned-country-turned-pop crooner Kenny Rogers. Prompted by singer Harry Belafonte, in early 1985 Richie joined forces with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones to compose an American entry for the famine relief trend initiated by Bob Geldof's Band Aid project in 1984.
Messi is undoubtedly the best player in world football now, and arguably the greatest of all time. As I have mentioned, Messi is only 24 years old, so has plenty of time to achieve so much more.
Messi has always been seen as one of the World’s best, even in his teenage years as he burst onto the scene at Barca. Messi has somehow copied these goals in his time for Barcelona, therefore sealing his position as ‘the next Maradona’.
I am going on and on about how good he is, so I must give him some criticism, and it’s hard to find something but what disappoints me is when a major international tournament comes up, i.e, the World Cup, he fails to rediscover his Barcelona form for Argentina. Among the public and critics, debates begun on how Lionel Messi, the best striker of the world could get only one goal. The son of a school principal and an Army systems analyst, Richie's initial career plan was to become an Episcopal priest; when the time came for him to attend the Institute himself, however, this plan was altered in favor of a major in Economics and a minor in Accounting.

In time this association resulted in a contract with Motown Records, and after an extensive period of recording the band's debut release Machine Gun finally surfaced in 1974, its title single quickly finding its way into the top 10 of the R&B charts and the top 30 of the mainstream listings.
He then had his first major hit as a performer in his own right in 1981, when he recorded the theme to the teen flick Endless Love as a duet with Diana Ross. Under the name USA for Africa, the single We Are The World enlisted the voices of 45 popular singers (Jackson and Richie amongst them) and reportedly raised around 50 million dollars for its cause.
Not long turned 24, yet has achieved so much in football in terms of medals and maintaining a special ability. He came off the bench, and impressed every time and everyone had the feeling he could be something special. But he can become ever better than Maradona, if he continues the way he is, and some already think he has surpassed him.
World Cup 2010 he looked good, but didn’t score and looked clueless when the team were knocked out 4-0 by Germany. No wonder he did so, as he is one of the few players in the world that would stand a chance with the mechanical goal keeper. It was also during this period that he became active in music, toting around a saxophone that he was not quite able to play in the hopes that it would attract attention from the opposite sex. The driving funk of their early output made their music a fixture on dancefloors everywhere, and the next several releases Caught in the Act (1975), Movin' On (1976), and Hot on the Tracks (1976) earned the band a substantial audience. By the following year the singer had handed in his Commodore epaulets to focus on a solo career, releasing an eponymous debut and setting up camp back at the top of the pop charts with the singles My Love, Truly and You Are (the former two keeping well within the stylistic territory of Richie's slow-ballad successes with his former band). Messi has unbelievable ball control, dribbling, balance, finishing, passing which makes him the top player.
So there is no doubt Messi can keep up this form to his 30’s so who knows the future has in store for this footballing marvel.
He has won the Champions League 3 times for Barcelona, and scored against Manchester United in the final of 2009 and 2011, as well as man of the match performances.

His time will come on the biggest stage of all, but until then, he definitely has something to improve on, and make him the greatest of all time, without debate.
Instead, it attracted the attention of five of his male classmates -- and it was with these five individuals that Richie eventually formed The Commodores. During this period Richie also contributed his songwriting skills to other Motown projects, co-penning the track Happy People for The Temptations, with the full Commodores line-up serving as the backing band for an instrumental version of the song. The already-substantial popularity of this first effort was surpassed with the release of his second album Can't Slow Down (1983) -- two of its singles (All Night Long (All Night) and Hello) achieving both #1 chart positions and extreme, seizure-inducing media oversaturation, and three others (Penny Lover, Stuck On You and Running With The Night) closely approaching these same circumstances. An inevitable (albeit very slight) decline in sales and chart showing took place at this point in Richie's career, and he subsequently ceased any recorded output until 1992's "greatest hits" collection Back to Front. Messi takes on players for fun time and time again, and plays majestically in a great Barcelona side.
A change in the band's career was initiated with their self-titled 1977 release, the two featured singles -- the heavy funk track Brickhouse and the pop-oriented ballad Easy -- characterizing the diverging directions in which Richie and the rest of the Commodores were moving.
An attempt at a comeback was made in 1996 with Louder Than Words, some tracks of which integrated elements of hip-hop, rap, and "new jack swing"; the release was a reasonable commercial success (by any rational standards, at least), but of course failed even remotely to approach the popularity of his 80s material. The opposition team and fans can literally have nightmares over facing this lad, cause he is just that dangerous. Richie's pop ballads (Three Times A Lady, Still, Sail On) became more prominent on subsequent releases, and gave the group their first #1 entries in the mainstream pop charts.
This return to activity was continued into the next decade with the releases Time (1998), Renaissance (2001) and Just For You (2004), each album attempting to find methods of balancing his old hit-making formulas with contemporary musical trends; ultimately, however, his media attention would be eclipsed in the 00s by the exploits of his adopted daughter Nicole on the repugnant "reality" series The Simple Life.

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