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The green superstructure was a thoroughly detailed lattice work which shared the mold of the No. This version is very hard to find in good condition since the heat of the bulb usually warped the roof.
Neither this version nor the original had a heat shield above the light bulb and this one usually suffered the same fate as its predecessor. Although the 1999 Volume 2 catalog does not show one at all, there is even a new tall smokestack on the roof and this heat shield covers the entire inside of the ceiling, versus none or a circular one in the older models.

Can be upgraded to command control with the purchase of a SC-2 Switch Controller or an ASC2 (both sold separately).
Whether your railroad yard is huge or small, you are going to need someone to monitor and control things when you’re not there.
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2318 version by Lionel MPC (1983-4) had two variations; a red roof that was Mexican production and the other a maroon roof to indicate Mt. 12702 included a circular heat shield and had a gray superstructure and red tower and Lionel lettering.

24153 tower also without a smokestack, although it did eventually come with one, albeit a white one versus all previous ones being gray; and again incorrectly showed two rods as compared to the actual production run of three. One look at them busily moving about the observation booth, and you’ll soon realize that they don’t miss a thing - and they almost never get tired! A┬áColor-wise and structurally, it appears to be basically the same as the original issue No.

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