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Missing from this highway crossing gate are the clear plastic light transfer bar and warning lights that were used on the No. The first was a display box (pictured above right and below) and a blister pack that was designed to be hung from a dealer’s rack. Because this packaging had to be compromised to use the gate it is extremely hard to find today intact.
This may be an early MPC production, but the examples that have been found show the original Lionel post war printing on the bottom of the base.

However, for some unknown reason these instructions were never included with the 262’s. They state incorrectly that the lights automatically flash when activated and there is no mention of the correct replacement correct bulbs No. Also unknown is why Lionel would issue special instructions for this accessory instead of using the No.
145C instruction sheet incorrectly lists the number L53(R) bayonet base bulb instead of the correct pin type L19(R) bulbs.

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